Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2021 SU: 9/23 to 9/29 SO: 10/19/21

I’ve been dealing with household medical emergencies (calming down now, I hope…) but hope to have some time to cut out roofs and things tomorrow.

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Oh my, I’m guessing it’s Autumn in the foreground… she looks just like my kitty did when she was little. Is she a torbi? Mine’s a torbi with stripey front legs. Very soft beautiful cat.

I’m sorry that you’re having a rough time at home! Hopefully it has calmed down now.

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Ugh I’m having the swap anxiety of “what if mine’s not good enough”. The what-ifs!!!

Hush, you always do a fabulous job!

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No, Autumn is the ridiculously furry muted ginger kitty and Sunflower is the pastel tortie (not my designations, but the shelter we foster with)

The gray one is called Sunflower because of the markings on the back of her head, and we did not name them:


Awww they love each other!

They are getting there, Autumn is a crazy little play machine and is a bit rough. But, Sunny can hold her own, she came to us scared of toys and not seeming to know how to play. But just a few days and she’s getting the kitten skills down cold.


Sendouts are this coming Tuesday, 10/19, which means this will be the last few days left to craft! I like having sendouts on Tuesdays in case there’s a holiday on Monday and also because the PO seems busier on Mondays than other days of the week.

what cute kittens!

Last questions of the partial week:

Who/what are you going as for Halloween?

How/where do you display your chunky houses?

Mine go in our dining room on the buffet. No Halloween plans for us this year so no costume.

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I sent all of mine today. I went with small packages because they were just a bit too chunky I suppose. lol. Tracking numbers got sprinkled all around. :grin:


I’m participating in a Trunk or Treat and will probably revise my steampunk engine and costume.

And I’ll display the chunkies on my fireplace surround, it’s just big enough to perch some there. Or maybe I will make a garland out of them with twine and clothes pins. Or both, I have quite a few.

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Not sure what I’m doing for Halloween, since I’m still working on my kid’s costume; she had her best friend have decided I need to copy the dress her friend got in different colors so they can be sun & moon fairies.

My chunky houses get hung up on a string with clothespins, but I’m still trying different places to put the string…

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I have not dressed up in years. We have yet to get the kid’s costumes. lol

My chunky houses will likely get propped up somewhere in my studio.

Sendouts are tomorrow, Tuesday 10/19/2021

Personally, I may be 1 day late. I went through my tower of stash and did not find the bat I wanted.

I just packed everything up & put them in the mailbox. (Now to decide if I need to make one to keep…)

I only have one house left. My last supplies came in yesterday.

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My chunky house from @thanate arrived today. Thank you very much. :grin: