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Chunky Halloween House by @goatgoddesss


@artsycandice > thanate, WiccadWitch
@audity > goatgoddesss, irid3sc3nt, marionberries
@goatgoddesss > audity, irid3sc3nt, marionberries
@irid3sc3nt > audity, goatgoddesss, marionberries
@marionberries > audity, goatgoddesss, irid3sc3nt
@thanate > artsycandice, WiccadWitch
@WiccadWitch > artsycandice, thanate


I received from @goatgoddesss a wonderfully witchy house. She’s sitting with her familiar owl on a branch with an expression promising Halloween tricks! I love it! And my black kitty Felix is sitting in a pumpkin on the back. He can teleport you know.


I received mine from @goatgoddesss yesterday! She went with my Munsters-and-their-address theme to create this wonderful house!
The background is painted, but I’m not sure of the substance. There are real twigs and moss. The columns are also made of something I can’t identify and look–there is the house number 1313. The bat at the top is icing on the cake. Or frosting? IT’S THE DELICIOUS STUFF ON THE CAKE.

Now a side view to show the chunky elements.

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, the gates open!

Herman Munster is there to greet you with a tentative “hello neighbor”. Thank you, @goatgoddesss! Can you divulge your secrets?


All the detail and the gates actually open! Wow, he’s getting loose!

That is such a beautiful painted background to go with the theme. I like that both of our houses have twigs and moss! Now I’m super curious to see what @audity’s looks like.

so glad you like them :slight_smile: the gates are tim holtz stuff and the board they are on is the backing to watercolor tablets.

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And then the very next day I got mine from irid3sc3nt - its a movable Halloween cat! so creative.
! do like the colors and papers used, the cat and it has a treat bag! Thackery Binx appoves :slight_smile:


I got mine from marionberries - it is fab, love the ghosts at the top, all the cool papers, the black cat and the chippy BOO! Thackery Binx approves :slight_smile:


I should not to post when I first wake up - but here they are after being posted to wrong gallery - love them both!

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I received this sweet chunky house from @thanate today…

I love that several of the components are stitched. It feels very neat.


Thank you!


I like the house! Is the roof textured or just made to look that way? And is that a screw for a doorknob?

Cool, it’s a whole haunted scene! Is that stitched paper or fabric? I Like how the tree is cradling the tiny candle and the silhouette of a tree on the back. I didn’t follow my own prompt this year and decorate the back. I usually do something but I kept adjusting the angles of the houses. They were being difficult this year.

No, it’s just a random bead and the papers are flat. The cat and ghosts are from another swap years ago. The BOO is the back side of wooden bingo tiles I scored from cleaning out my mom’s house.


Both my houses arrived today!!

creepy nature things from @artsycandice

and from @WiccadWitch, a tribute to the fawn from Pan’s Labyrinth:

They both have really cool dimensional borders going on, too. Thank you both!


@thanate what lovely creepy houses! Halloween has arrived.

@irid3sc3nt sent a little Baba Yaga house with legs that actually walk. Felix the black cat became fasinated by it as it sat above the fire place. I had to hide it over night! Look at those chicken legs and the little door. I love it. Potions and black cats. Thank you.


I received two AMAZING chunky houses!!
From Thanate:
I love all the different elements!

From Artsycandice:
Wrapped in Halloween paper and extra stickers and spiders!!

Love the spooky house and the background and all the glitter!

Thank you both so much!!


Here is my house from @marionberries! It is on my mantle.

It is a tall pumpkin house with a glittery-eyed cat who has a swooping tail. I’m not sure if you can see it well in the picture, but there is a little green spiral vine coming out of the top and the BOO is on little wooden pieces.

Another angle for viewing.

The backside.

Thank you, @marionberries! I love it!


I received from @WiccadWitch today. Thank you so much! I LOVE her. :heart:


@artsycandice I love that open owl wing on thanate’s house. What are the bones made from? Did you make them or find them somewhere? Is WiccadWitch’s house a kit? That stripey background with the webs behind it is fab.

@WiccadWitch Those are really nice Pan’s Labyrinth images, is that preserved moss at the bottom? How did you create the columns? Good color matching on the Elvira background and her dress… you also have bones on the sides, where did yours come from?

@thanate I like that big orange bat especially on WiccadWitch’s house, but those ladies on the back with the candles coming out of their mouths are really creepy. Are they a sticker?


Yes, they’re from one of last year’s Stickii halloween sets.

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