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Chunky Halloween House by @goatgoddesss


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I received from @goatgoddesss a wonderfully witchy house. She’s sitting with her familiar owl on a branch with an expression promising Halloween tricks! I love it! And my black kitty Felix is sitting in a pumpkin on the back. He can teleport you know.


I received mine from @goatgoddesss yesterday! She went with my Munsters-and-their-address theme to create this wonderful house!
The background is painted, but I’m not sure of the substance. There are real twigs and moss. The columns are also made of something I can’t identify and look–there is the house number 1313. The bat at the top is icing on the cake. Or frosting? IT’S THE DELICIOUS STUFF ON THE CAKE.

Now a side view to show the chunky elements.

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, the gates open!

Herman Munster is there to greet you with a tentative “hello neighbor”. Thank you, @goatgoddesss! Can you divulge your secrets?


All the detail and the gates actually open! Wow, he’s getting loose!

That is such a beautiful painted background to go with the theme. I like that both of our houses have twigs and moss! Now I’m super curious to see what @audity’s looks like.

so glad you like them :slight_smile: the gates are tim holtz stuff and the board they are on is the backing to watercolor tablets.

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