Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2022 GALLERY

Posting what I send audity for her, she is traveling for a couple of weeks so hasn’t had a chance to do so.

She liked ghosts and jack o’-lantern so I came up with this.


I like the little fingers poking out from the gauze!

You are all killing it with these chonky homes, I love them ALL! So much incredible creativity & weirdness going on, just wow.

Those gams were scanned from a Shape magazine and resized. I couldn’t draw one with such definition.

That gauzy Jack-o-ghost is really neat and spooky!

What a spooky, gauzzy ghost. Wonderful.

got my house from a angel named Kwality570 and its very cool - got a bouncy little bat on top and its just cool. also got a pin which is going on my purse :slight_smile: Thank you so much it’s all very cool. and just in time - I do love the chunky nature of this house. it goes perfect with my other ones


Yay! I’m so glad it arrived on Halloween!!!

I’m sorry it’s a little larger than the size requirements listed. I’ve never made a chunky house before and thought it was supposed to be AT LEAST 5x7", not equal to or less than. Oops. I’m glad it is loved anyway. :slight_smile:


What a spooky surprise for Halloween! Love the house.

Kwality570 - its perfect - I love it and it fits right in :slight_smile:

@Kwality570 That’s your first house? You did an awesome job! Love the color scheme and the boingy bat, especially. Come join us next year😄

I received my angel (or demon…it is halloween) package. It’s a very sweet full moon that has brought out bats and ghosts while we all stay safe? in a haunted house.


I like the giant moon! The extra brick on the house was a nice touch. See, y’all angels should join our swap next year😀

I agree. More chunky houses!

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Here is my chunky house from my swap angel @gozer!

The Munsters! Those flowers are so metal. They really are! I love the dancing skeleton. It’s a beautiful chunky house. There’s a surf rendition of the Munsters theme song, I think by the Bomboras, and it’s playing in my head.
But wait, there’s more!

A whole lot more! You’ll probably be seeing some of this next year😏
Thank you, gozer, for the awesome chunky house and the gobs of extras!


What a great display this house makes! Is it a picture of a house cut out? I just think it is so clever…

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It’s a cut out of The Munster’s house. That was one of her themes.
I had fun making this. Maybe next year I won’t feel too intimidated to join!


That is so creative! I can see having a bunch of these across my mantle for Halloween…good job!

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You should totally join! I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated.

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how cool - love the big Moon and Ghostie, and the Munsters so very cool. :slight_smile:

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