Cicadas Shirt

Since I JUST spent days working out the kinks in Simplicity 0492, I figured I might as well make it again.

Normally I would have chosen the brightest color to be the center line, but I am not so fond of yellow.

One day to do layout and cut out, two days to sew.

I cut the collar in two pieces, with a center back seam, in order to have matching cicadas on the collar points.

The flowers on the inside of the collar stand are deliberately placed because I knew they would show.

The collar before it was sewn on, showing the cicadas on the points.

I do not put a button hole/ button at the neck because I never wear shirts buttoned up all the way, and it’s hard to get a neat button hole sewed through so many layers.

Fabric from Joann.


This is awesome! The fabric really makes this so unique!

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You really make the most of each print and this is no exception. I love that you used cicadas which as such cool insects! Noisy, but cool.

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Another masterful job! You can hardly see the buttons on the cicadas you used down the center.

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@Cindy Yeah, I went for “blend-in green” instead of “screamin’ purple,” which I also considered.


I am always so in awe of any sewing projects, and this one is no different. I love how much thought you put into how to place the prints for symmetry and to get the elements that you like showing in the right spots. It’s so well made.

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That placket is perfection.

@LindyBlues For me, that’s the most fun part of novelty prints. It’s so entertaining to plan a sly little joke of something funny on the cuff, or the collar, or the center back of the yoke.


That print made for a gorgeous shirt. Your piecing is, as always, superb.

The queen of perfect placement! Such fun fabric, too!

The attention to detail is amazing. You have the best wardrobe.

What a fantastic project! I love the fabric, your attention to the placement of the cicadas, the fit . . . it’s perfect!

Truth be told, looking at it now, I see I probably should have gone with the downward facing pink as the center, and then there would have been two yellow stripes evenly balanced down the two fronts, but TOO LATE NOW.