Circuit Board Embossed Party Napkins

We hosted TheMisterT’s work team (IT) and their families for a BBQ over the weekend. I thought it would be fun to use my circuit board embossing folder to add a little something to the paper napkins.


They were pretty subtle and, well… these being stereotypical IT and IT-adjacent folks, TheMisterT pointed out the embossing. :upside_down_face:


It wasn’t a big group, 7 in total, so I did about 20 napkins and that worked out well. We have just a few left over. We’re a cloth napkin household, but will use the leftovers for tomato, turmeric, and beet based foods for the next little bit. :rofl:


Such a thoughtful little detail!

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It would never have occurred to me to emboss napkins… this is such a clever idea!

Thanks, pals!

@wittychild I have to give credit to Pinterest for the idea of embossing napkins! I did have to trim one side of the napkins about 1/8" to get them to go through my Sizzix without crinkling and creasing along one side. I probably could have just used a rolling pin instead, but… yeah.


OMG, you are the party planning queen! Never would have entered my mind to try to customize the paper napkins. Wow!

Awww, you! THANK YOU!

Aaaaaaaa i love these! As a geek i 100% approve. :nerd_face:

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Hehe! Thanks!

That is so cool! What a clever thing to do.

Genius. I never thought of embossing napkins. Gives me ideas…

Those are so clever!

Very cool!

Aw, thanks pals!

So cute. Were they impressed after he pointed it out at least?


You are so wonderfully extra. I love it.

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These are awesome! My electrical engineering husband would totally geek out over these :blush:

Very next level! What an awesome touch!

Thanks, everyone!

@Kwality570 They appreciated it to varying degrees, yes. :rofl:

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:bulb: Congratulations! This brilliant project is featured this week! :bulb:

Awwww, wow! Thanks!

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