Clock-themed Masculine Gift Box

I made this cute little box for a specific handmade gift for a May birthday.

The clock paper is by Authentique, the plaid is from Recollections, the ribbon from Craftsmart. All stash!


The charms were sent to me in a big o’ box of delicious craft supplies from some lovely Lettuce Heads! The chain something I harvested from junk and put into my stash. :wink:


This box was the closest I had in my svg files to being the right size, but not WAY too big in one dimension or another, but it’s just tiny be too shallow, so I had to take apart part of the gift to get it in there. So I added this envelope to put on top of the gift inside the box.


This is delightful! I love the mix of patterns and subtle colors. Any man would love to receive this. Women too!

Well, thank you, @Jeanne! The box is on theme with the gift that’s going into it! :wink:

Very nice! I like the way way the bow pops against the clocks.


This box is great! Definitely manly. :grin:

The box is a gift!

Such a nice mix of patterns and colors…love the addition of the charm.

Love it!

This is beyond cool! My son would love a gift that looked like this. Your work is so beautiful, you should work for a company that sells this stuff, promoting their products.

Thanks so much, friends!

You’re too sweet!

That looks great! I’m sure, since it’s you, he’s expecting something spectacular. He won’t be disappointed.

Haha! Well, thank you! And no pressure or anything!

It looks lovely and steampunk! Your gifts are so personalized!

Thanks so much!