CLOSED 12 Days of Christmas 2022

planning is coming…havent started the full on stalk yet, but i do have a few ideas rumbling around in the noggin.

I have an idea for my partner! It involves relearning an old skill. I’m excited!


I’m still stalking. I am a month and a half from my due date and my nesting has gone to the extreme. It’s more like burrowing at this point. I should be getting started soon. All I want to do is lay in bed, read, and craft anyways.


Congrats! I didn’t realize you were expecting.

Check in time.
How’s your progress? (Not trying to stress anyone out, we still have plenty of time!)

Do you get snow in your area around Christmas time?

I do have a small already done. Just because I have several weeks in mid-Sept and early-Oct that I will be busy. So I am trying to plan ahead so I am not scrambling at the last minute.

We don’t get a lot of snow. More ice than snow and it tends to happen in January. I would love snow at Christmas time though.


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I have a bunch of ideas, but nothing made just yet. Focusing on my pocket letters and preparing for my new art teacher job!

We do sometimes get snow on Christmas. Lots of time there is snow prior or after, but not actually on Christmas.

Do you get snow in your area around Christmas time?

Occasionally, but it’s rare. Can’t believe you’ve something done already @geekgirl

Nothing started yet, just some brainstorming. I feel like we used to get snow for Christmas when I was younger but it seems like more often than not lately we don’t get it until January. No snow is nice for traveling but I prefer having snow as it makes it feel more like Christmas and helps make it brighter outside during shorter daylight.

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I just finished the first out of six things I need the other day. Now I’m trying to find ideas for what to create next.

Still planning and stalking.

No snow here in my part of AZ- my favorite thing about living here!

we do get snow far more often than not at christmas…usually we’ve had all kinds…sometimes it will melt but its always as cold as my heart.

got a few semi-solid ideas figured for @fluffypants!!! hope to start one of them this weekend if i can get it together…we’re going camping for the first time since last year, but work is crazy busy right now, so i might not have a project sorted in time to take with me…

I clearly remember getting snow at Thanksgiving time as a kid. And lots of missed school days during December because of snow.



Do you get snow in your area around Christmas time?

Usually, YES. Piles. The past few years it feels like we haven’t had a ton at Christmas, but then get a big dump in January.

I’ve been stalking a bit, but mostly cleaning my craft room and finding lots of odds and ends I want to use. :slight_smile:

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Lots of planning and stalking, but not started anything yet

We very rarely have snow at Christmas, I think I remember maybe once or twice in my life

Yes, we do. I love it. I missed it when we lived in the south. We get the fine, powdery stuff. I am stalking. Baby will be here in about a month. We are all ready for him.

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