CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2020

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Iron Chef Hogwarts April Secret Ingredient: Pickles
There’s more to pickles than a side for your burger! How about as a topping for cheeseburger soup? Or maybe dill pickle hummus? Definitely these fried pickle poppers!

@GMPNQ and @jillybeans - your advanced studies proposals have been added to the project log! Good luck and happy crafting!


class DADA
house ravenclaw
Project pea and potato curry. This is a madjur Jaffery recipe and it always tastes fab. It also keeps for a few days and is really easy to reheat in a microwave. I used sharp and pointy knives in it’s preparation. Recipe Link

Advanced studies challenge for my NEWT steampunk costume, I have been working on this hat and I I made the skirt.
House ravenclaw.

Class SOAR
House Ravenclaw
Project this lettuce craft cross-stitch ,each stitch has four corners

Hermoines book club, Diagon alley
House Ravenclaw
Project bread. I have been making all the bread! I am the bread maker in chief in this house, they expect it of me. I have been using mostly no knead recipes. This was todays, I added wild garlic and shallot. But I also made a challah last week. I used this recipe but I don’t have a mixer, so I kneaded it by hand.


@Edel, I’m totally going to make that curry. FYI, I edited your post to remove the picture of the recipe, and replaced it to a link to the recipe online. :kissing_heart:

Reminder to EVERYONE IN THE CRAFTALONG: Please remember that LC does not allow you to post pictures of copyrighted material that doesn’t belong to you, such as a recipe in a cookbook. That published work is protected under copyright. If you are posting a recipe that came from a book you have at home, do a quick google search and see if you can find the same recipe hosted elsewhere online, or even a very very close version of what you made.

If you altered a recipe, you can post YOUR altered version, written out in a post. But it has to actually be different, and not be cut & pasted from the owner’s site. For example, cutting & pasting a recipe exactly, then writing ‘I left out the cumin’ is not enough. You’d need to have changed an ingredient or more, and written your directions in your own language.

Cool, thanks for that honey. If you do make it, bump up the amount of mustard seeds. I use 2tsp.

And no more photos of pages from me :wink:

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Wow, so many wonderful projects Edel. I Love the steampunk costume :heartpulse:

Hey friends, thought I’d throw this out there. I am supposed to close the signups for the Go Bananas Swap today, but I have an uneven number of swappers! The point of this swap is to get to know, and then to spoil your partner, and go bananas crafting something really lovely for them, so I’d prefer not to have to do a round robin. I want folks to really be able to interact with one another. Anyone interested in playing with us???

**Class or Challenge Title: Alchemy
**House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Moon Shaker Pendant
Brief Description: I’M BACK! And playing with resin! This didn’t turn out as nicely as I wanted, but it’s only the third resin thing I’ve really made.
**Project Picture:


Welcome back @katiebread!

There is a new Lettuce Craft site-wide Challenge…
Lettuce Help Our Communities Challenge

Remember, participating in LC challenges gets you 10 bonus points per submission. And items donated to charity gain another 10 bonus points! If you are out of prompts to submit, you can always submit masks and caps under simply “SPEW” for just the bonus points.

Have you guys seen this hogsmeade booknook? It’s flippin amazing!!

@wulf @racky and any of you other miniature builders. If you look at this, I have questions about the materials used. What’s the starting material-foam core board, mounting board? What is the blue foam he’s using called? What’s that modelling powder-he flashes it too fast for me to see it. And the wood is balsa wood I’m guessing?


I think I can answer the foam core question.
The foam core I know of is 2 thin sheets of a plastic material with foam between them. It is not mount board.

Hobbycraft sell it

I’m just not sure what he’s using in that video. It looks too thin to be mountboard, but foam core doesn’t strike me as being sturdy enough for this

Sorry, I miss understood, not helped by not being able to open the video.

Well that was cool! I liked the paint treatment for the stones.

The black stuff is good quality foam core board. The blue stuff is rigid insulation, I have a sheet of it in the attic from when we were fixing up the garage. The powder is Sculptamold modelling compound

I really recommend using a respirator if any of that is going to be blasted with a heat gun, foam is so toxic!

Cool thank you @magpie x

I’m such a craft-tart I watched that video and immediately thought, oohh I could make that. So I went to Aliexpress to look at balsa wood, who then lead me onto a ukelele kit, I then spent half an hour googling the best beginner ukelele, then I listened to the one I’d narrowed it down to on YouTube and decided that I don’t love the sound, so I’d buy it and toy with it and then set it aside. Like so many other crafts! However, that sculptamold stuff looks good. I could use that. Which lead me down another rabbit hole of recipes to make it.

I slapped some sense into me eventually and I’m back at sewing

Project dump incoming!

Class or Challenge Title: Expecto Patronum - Masks
SPEW or LC Contest: Lettuce Help our Communities
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Fitted Face Masks for DJ
Brief Description: My husband is still considered essential, so he needed masks to be able to go to work now. Hopefully they will make him feel better. :slight_smile:
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Divination
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Mandala Coloring page #2
Brief Description: I used a lot of glitter gel pens on this page, which are both smooth and reflective.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: SoAR
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Mandala Coloring page #3
Brief Description: To try to start making more cohesive pages, I limited myself to 4 colors (red, orange, yellow and pink).
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Apparition
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Scrappy Quilted Tote
Brief Description: Every past attempt at any kind of patchwork/quilting has been completely unsuccessful, but the improv piecing and my familiarity with bag making let me see this one through!
Project Picture:


I love that scrappy tote, @fishstix43! :heart_eyes:

Class or Challenge Title: Charms
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: blue mittens and socks
Brief Description: the last week my kiddo was in school was dr. Seuss week. On her last day there they dressed up like their favorite dr. Seuss book and big bean wanted to dress up like fox in socks. So here are the mittens and socks that I made to go with the outfit. It’s made out of fleece. I traced her hand on a piece of paper to make the mittens and used a pair of her socks as a sizing guide for the fleece. Needless to say they are very cozy!
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Divination
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: fox tail
Brief Description: I found a fun tutorial online to make a fox tail. You make a braid with yarn and then tie on smaller yarn pieces in layers and brush them out to make a cool tail! It was fun and a bit time consuming. The hidden element is the best breaks of yarn that you can’t see underneath.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Potions
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: fox ears
Brief Description: Here are her red fox ears headband. They are made out of felt and adhered to a headband. I added pipe cleaners inside to help them stand up.
Project Picture:

Here is the whole look on the kiddo.


Class or Challenge Title: alchemy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: more miniatures
Brief Description: I finally got to work on painting more miniatures for my Mansions I’d Madness board game. They take so long to do! Almost done with them all though! All these guys have faces! :wink: they are painted with citadel paints that are made for miniatures. Love them!
Project Picture:

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