Coffins for the mantel

We are terrible at taking our Christmas tree down. So, we decided to just leave it up year round and decorate it for different holidays.

Right now it’s a Halloween tree. This led us to the idea that we should decorate coffins to place on the mantel in lieu of stockings.

The design was drawn on with pencil and then I wood burned and stained the box.

I did the back as well but only because I wanted to test what would happen with the design when I put the stain on it. I was worried the stain would be too dark and the design wouldn’t show up.

@Jae3ird did one as well (and it’s super cute) but I’ll let him decide whether to share his or not.

Also here is our Halloween tree, in case you’re curious.


How creepy cool!

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What a fun idea! And it turned out so creepy cool! Is there a coffin for everyone in the house and does the Great Pumpkin fill them on Halloween Night? :rofl:

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Love this so hard!

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Yes exactly! All three of us have one and the Great Pumpkin will fill them up with goodies. :heart: :jack_o_lantern:

That’s awesome! If you get a photo of them hung by the chimney with care, I’d love to see it!

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:heart: As soon as Phillip finishes decorating his; I’ll get them all set up and snap a pic.

I just got done making something for Elliott’s coffin and then realized I can’t post it yet because the kid browses this site. Dang.

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:cowboy_hat_face: YeeeEEEE-HAW! Your handmade goodness is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fireworks:

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What a great idea! I love the mini coffins!

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The coffins were placed on the mantel with care…
In the hopes that the Great Pumpkin soon would be there…


The most wonderful time of the year! They look great!

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Coffin stockings are the coolest. I love the wood-burning on them. That is one craft I am too chicken to attempt.

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