Collected Champagne Cage Chairs

All celebrations around here include bubbly! I’ve saved every one of the cork cages from these as well as picking them up when we’re celebrating with others. What I’m saying is I have a lot of champagne cages and I finally sat down and made several little chairs over the course of a few nights sitting on the sofa.


I hope to make many, many more later on, because it’s so fun and satisfying. I do not have a specific plan for them yet, but they may become a bunting and some may find their way onto wrapped gifts.


It turns out that these are kind of hard to photograph when your light box is not set up and it’s cloudy and rainy outside.




What a lovely set, all different!
They could be tree ornaments, wreath decor…
Be fun to do something with the cage from a particular celebration, like a “congratulations graduate” thing, combined with one of your 3-dimensional paper marvels.


So cute! I bet some garden fairies would love to use them for their own celebrations.


I love this idea!! So creative and unique. Each chair full of memories. :champagne: I like that each is different.


This is adorable! I love how unique each one is - super charming!


Awww, thanks, y’all!

@Tanath I agree! One of the few I have made in the past sits on a “fairy porch” I made for a friend a few years ago.

@steiconi I have a particular style in mind for an ornament this year!


These are so fun and would be prefect for a fairy garden!

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Love these!!

Which was the best bottle of champagne??

Thanks, everyone!

@Harlan The thing about bottles of champagne is remembering… :rofl: But seriously, most of these are non-champagne bubbz, but maybe the one with the blue wire and guy’s face on the seat which was actual champagne for my 50th a few years ago.

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Sounds like a reason to sample them all over again to me!! :rofl:

Hehe! For real! One of TheMisterT’s best dudes is a vintner who has just come out with a sparkling wine. We got some prototype bottles that were capped with a standard bottle cap, but we’ve ordered a case of the real deal that will have his winery’s logo on the cage cap and I’m excited to make chairs with those over the years it will probably take us to go through a case!

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Those are adorable!

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Thank you!