Colorful Witch Coven ATC Set

Water colored vintage log book pages for background. Color shift stenciled, stamped spiderweb borders. Vintage yearbook photos, with cricut cut witches hats. Pan pastel for the shading and gel pen for the doodles. Stickles glitter glue borders. Used an online generator to come up with the witch names. I did edit the scanned images a bit to look more like the actual colors but it’s not 100%. I need to figure out how to photograph stuff better! Click on the image to zoom in!


They are each so unique and fun but wow, wicked as a set! I’m so glad I am looking a them on a computer so I can catch all the detail, the spider webs and super sparkly eye glimmers are FAB!


This is wicked fun! Love your witchy atcs :slight_smile:

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Your work always amazes me. The depth and color and texture is always so mesmerizing.

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Wicked good!

thanks everyone!

Would anyone want a tutorial for my process?


Not that I’d ever be able to duplicate your magic but…

Uh… yes, please!

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@audity also…yes, these are DEAD.NICE. I adore these. I also kinda want to write a short story to go with them. Esp. with Lydia and Whinhilda. I feel like there is so much possibility.

:shamrock: :metal: :four_leaf_clover:

Do it!!! Lol I’m crap at writing creatively or I probably would have.

Well, it would go dark, fast. Because I immediately went Netflix Sabrina with it.

I just think there is so much going on with them. Maybe a short scene? That would be a challenge! I’m going to bookmark this.

Edit: now the wheels are churning. Now I’m not just posting, I’m hard core thinking. #PlotTwist

Love their names

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These are fantastic!

So much fun! A hint of wicked with a pop of sass.

Yes to a tutorial!

I love the colors and the backgrounds you created and I’d love to see how you achieved that look.

Yall are too nice, OK I will do a tutorial!


Can’t wait!!

Love this set of witchy women!

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Really cool :smiley: I love the different kinds of patterns and colours :smiley:

Such a wonderful set of ATCs! I love how they look spooky and cute at the same time!