COMPLETE: 4x6 Art Swap R2 - Signup 9/18-10/3/2020, Sendout 10/6/2020

I just finished up my artwork and sent in my questionnaire! :art:

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Q sent! Although I just realized we’re a full week out; I may have to hide my piece until the 3rd to keep from fiddling with it :laughing:.

That was fun :slight_smile: At first I was a little stressed trying to think of something anyone would like but then I decided to just make something that I would like and I’m happy with how it turned out :smile:

Where is this hiding? :thinking:

I felt the same way with this piece! It’s not so much bigger than an ATC to be intimidating but it was fun having the extra room to work around :smile:


Now that my Happy Mail Swap to @jemimah has been received, I’ll send in my Q for this swap :grinning: I’m nearly half way done with my art piece :grin:

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Welcome to the swap everyone that signed up over the weekend! We’re at 8 swappers so far and I think there are a few more that are just finishing up their art pieces.


Hoping to get something done before the third, although work is being most unkind toward my art time lately… :frowning:

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We would love to have you if you can make it work. Your artwork would be a welcome addition to anyone’s home decor. :yum:

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I had hoped for some crafting time during husbands meeting tonight, but I ended up exhausted on the sofa. Making dinner and tidying up took all my spoons tonight.

Annoying, because I had lots of ideas on the way home from work,

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This is my first time in this swap… should we write our names on the back of the art?

Yes, you should! :slight_smile: Thanks for asking.

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Tomorrow is the last day for signups if anyone is on the fence, you still have a day to make a 4x6 artwork and join in the fun!

Gonna work on it today!

Sent in my info. This is my first Lettuce Craft Swap.



This will be really interesting. I’m going to get an envelope so I have everything ready to pop my artwork in the mail.

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Everyone should have received the name of the person they are sending to today.

To make things a bit more fun, I made it so everyone will be sending and receiving from someone different, so you’ll never know who you’re receiving from until you open your mailbox!

Make sure to remember to let me know once your art has been dropped into the mail so I can keep track of senders and receivers properly.


Yay!! I got to the post office today, so I have sent already!

I love the extra surprise of not knowing who I’m going to be receiving from! :grin: I’ll wrap mine up and send it on it’s way tomorrow :kissing_heart:

Mine’s already on it’s way :flight_departure: :flight_departure:

I mailed mine out yesterday night, so it should be starting its journey at the post office today. I can’t wait to see the artwork!

Here’s the gallery for posting your art once received:

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I sent mine this morning!