COMPLETE: 4x6 Art Swap R2 - Signup 9/18-10/3/2020, Sendout 10/6/2020



  • Swap name: 4 x 6 Art Swap - R2
  • Lettuce Crafter who is organizing this swap: Kwality570
  • Sign-up date range (also crafting period): 9/18/2020 - 10/3/2020
  • Date to send item - on or before 10/6/2020
  • Limited to a certain number of people? 25
  • Restricted to people who all live in the same country? NO
  • Age requirement? 16


  • Must be a member of Lettuce Craft for at least 30 days
  • Must have posted at least 15 times on Lettuce Craft
  • Must have read the Lettuce Craft Swap Rules
  • New swappers can only be in one swap at a time
  • Previous swappers can only be in five swaps at a time
  • Participant is at least 16 years old


For this swap, you will be required to make a piece of art that is 4" x 6" in any medium and in any style that you choose. The crafting period and signup period for this swap are the same - 9/18/2020 - 10/3/2020. Since you will not receive your partner’s information until after the crafting period has ended, this will be a great time for you to let your imagination run wild! Partner information will be sent to each participant on 10/4/2020. You will have two days (until the end of the day on 10/6/2020) to get your artwork into the mail. Since this is a paper swap, you must be willing to ship Internationally. Tracking information for your envelope is not required, but if your artwork is lost in transit, you must agree to resend.

To participate, once your 4x6 artwork is complete, send a private message to organizer @Kwality570 with the following information:

Name of Swap: 4 x 6 Art Swap R2
Lettuce Craft Username:
Email Address:
Your Real Name:
Mailing Address Including Country:
Confirm that are at least 16 years old:
Do you understand that if your art is lost in transit, you will need to resend?
Do you understand that this swap is open to international swappers?
Is your 4x6 art complete and ready to ship?
To make sure that everyone is ready at the time of addresses, only send this questionnaire once your artwork is complete!



lifeinpigtails :mailbox: :100:
geekgirl :mailbox: :100:
Megwell :mailbox: :100:
Gozer :mailbox: :100:
Reinikka :mailbox: :100:
Kwality570 :mailbox: :100:
Whatthepuck :mailbox: :100:
Smmaart :mailbox: :100:
Lynx2Lancer :mailbox: :100:
PrincessP :mailbox: :100:
Jemimah :mailbox: :100:
Annchen :mailbox: :100:

:mailbox: = Sent
:100: = Partner Received


Woo hoo! Sending in Q now!

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One of my all time favorites! Sending in my info now!

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Oh fun! Can’t wait to start!

I’m in. Is it just paper? In the past, I have made fabric 4’ x 6" things…some mounted on cardboard, some not…I can do just paper but wanted to clarify.

Any medium your heart desires! I know I called it a paper swap, but that’s just in terms of swap rules and sending packages with tracking. I guess I should call it a swap that fits into an envelope? :slight_smile:


Yay!! It’s going to be fun to make something with no idea about who it’s for!


Thanks - just wanted to double check.

I plan on signing up but I want to start crafting before I make it official :smile:

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I’m going to see what I can make first too…

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It looks like @lifeinpigtails has her art ready and has been added to the particpant list. Glad to have you! I can’t wait to see more questionnaires once more people are ready.

I took some time this weekend and got a background done, so I’m halfway there!


@geekgirl has just finished her art and sent in her questionnaire. Another great artist to add to the art swap!

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I’ll be working on mine this weekend. I just need to think of a theme. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I might use a prompt from the ongoing challenge thread. There are so many good ones by now.


That’s a great idea! Maybe I’ll do that too!

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Great idea!

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My piece is almost finished, so I went ahead and sent in my info.

I’ve been working on a bunch of 4x6 mailable art. I’m finding it a fun size to play with - small enough to be fast, cheap, and easily mailable, big enough to play around with some things that I find tricky in smaller formats.


Piece in progress! I’m hoping to wrap it up and sign up this weekend.


Same here - started 3 things. I will have to see which is the most best thing to send.

Hope to join this weekend.