COMPLETE - Handmade Valentine Card Swap 2023 | SEND BY 1/31/23

Mine are going out in tomorrows mail


I love that “cat licks” stamp!

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Important notice! I’m leaving for a week so I won’t be able to post my cards until I get back. I’m excited to have a happy pile of mail to look forward to. :yellow_heart:


Should I be concerned that none of my cards have arrived yet? And they were sent 8 or 9 days ago?

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No. USPS first class letters are no longer 1-3 days. More like 1-3 weeks.

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Looks like we only have a few cards left to arrive!

@wittychild have you received from Pioneer9?

@Whistlefish have you received from Chameleonhound?

Not yet, unfortunately, but today’s mail hasn’t been delivered yet.

ETA: Didn’t come in today’s mail, either.

No, not yet. :frowning:

FYI - I just posted a generic greeting card swap!