Homemade Greeting Card Gallery

Post your greeting cards here when received!

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I got a card today! It’s a vivid oil pastel (?) from @Lynx, and I love it!

There’s also a poem inside, created by Laura:

As night falls,
Jagged peaks rest.
Yet still,
The cerulean waves
Flow on.

Thanks, Laura! I especially love the vivid rainbow colors.


It’s actually crayon. I rarely use crayon. I’m obsessed with this design. Glad you like it.


I received from @Lynx as well! It’s so pretty, with deep colors, so much texture, and a lovely poem inside! I can’t believe it’s crayon! Very cool! Thank you for brightening up this rainy weekend! :smiley:


The fun part is, I was coloring on my computer, so the texture is the texture from my computer. Glad you like it! I’m obsessed with this design!


I received a beautiful watercolored pear card from @curiousfae! So pretty! She included a few stickers, too.

Thank you!


I received a beautiful watercolored donut from @curiousfae!!! I love it sooooooo much!!! She also included a few stickers!!!

Thank you!!!


I received this amazing card from @curiousfae. I love the watercolor itself and the border just makes it pop.

Now I want a fruity cocktail! Hahah!


Ooh, now I do, too.

@GeekyBookworm’s donut looks delightful.


@curiousfae, those watercolors are all so beautiful. I’m especially drawn to the simplicity of the pear. It makes me look more closely at all the color variations.


Loving the gallery already!


I received an adorable card from GeekyBookworm! I absolutely love anthropomorphized anything, so had a big squee/aww when I opened it! Thank you for such a sweet creation!


I received this fun card from @endymion!!!

I love it! Thank you!!!


@GeekyBookworm, that frog with the mushrooms is so sweet!

I received two cards today, and I love them both! They are so different from each other, and both so wonderful.

The first one is from @GeekyBookworm. It’s bright and fun and cheery!

I love strawberries, and the little frog is super cute!
She included a joke:
Why are frogs so happy?
Click blurred text for the answer.

Because they eat whatever bugs them!

Thanks, I love it!

The other one is from @Kwality570. It leans more fine art.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Those saturated teal and gold colors are so beautiful, and the whole thing is well-balanced. In fine art, I really gravitate toward abstract modern pieces with strong color, so this one really moves me. Thanks so much!

This gallery is over-the-top amazing!


I recd four cards today! Each one so different and lovely.

From @AIMR
Beautiful mixed media collage. Pretty colors and textures. The product of a craft zoom. How fun!

From @endymion
Fantastic use of vintage craft ads. So clever! I love this idea so much.

From @GeekyBookworm
Adorable frog in super happy bright colors. Do you know I love frogs?!

From @saranethx

Gorgeous holiday themed Linocut. It’s perfectly cut. I’ve been wanting to try Linocuts again. Greeting cards seems like a great reason to try it.

Thanks everyone for the great cards!


So many fun cards!

I received from @aimr today!

So pretty and cheerful!


Banner mail day in this swap, apparently, because I also received all my cards.

One of @AIMR’s masterboard cards, plus a bonus piece because my card didn’t get any napkin:

“Twice as Mice” (:laughing:) from @saranethx:

Gelli print abstract and some stickers from @Kwality570:

Can’t wait to get these up on the fridge! Thanks to all my senders!


Man, this gallery rocks!

@AIMR, those white masterboard collages are amazing! So much texture!

@GeekyBookworm, your set of frogs is so adorable! Love how bright and happy and varied they are.

@Kwality570, your gelli prints are stunning! Love the rich colors and bold patterns

@saranethx, I am swooning over your linocuts. Gorgeous!

The “I just want to knit” one is from me. The inside says, “…and ignore all my adult problems.”


I also received four cards today!

From @AIMR a lovely mixed media piece. I love the color scheme and the textures!

From @curiousfae a sweet ice cream cone water color. I love the bright pink border contrasted with the softer hues of ice cream cone! She also sent me some cute stickers not pictured.

From @GeekyBookworm a charming frog holding its boba tea. I love the frogs sweet face!

From @Kwality570 a beautiful gelli print collage. I love the colors and am impressed at how she fit all the pieces together! She also sent me some cute stickers not pictured.

Thank you all for your wonderful cards! It’s so fun seeing the variations in the set of cards each person sends out.


I received my card from @Kwality570 ! For all of the swaps we’ve both completed, I can’t believe we’ve never swapped before! Thank you for the gorgeous card and very lovely note inside! And the stickers, too! Adorable. :smiley: