Complete - May the Fourth Star Wars Swap - SU 3/16-28 SO 4/24



May the Fourth is just around the corner! Where are all my Star Wars fans?!! Whether you are a fan of the classics, a Revenge of the Jedi fan, or crazy about Grogu. Let’s celebrate this year with some amazing Star Wars crafts!

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:

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Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
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This swap will be for (1) medium or (2) smalls
Sign-ups will run until March 28 and send outs will be April 24. Be aware that if you are out of the US you may not get our package in time for May the fourth.
There will be a weekly check-in question as well.

May the Fourth Swap Questionnaire

Name of Swap: May the Fourth
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Your E-mail Address:
Name & Mailing Address:
Confirm that are at least 16 years old or, if not, that you have moderator approval(YES/NO)

If we have an uneven number, would you be willing to have two partners?

Do you have any allergies your partner needs to know about?

What allergens do you have in your home?

What type of crafts do you do?

What would you like to receive?

What are your favorite colors and patterns?

What are your least favorite colors and patterns?

List at least 5 of your favorite Star Wars characters/themes/items:

List at least 5 things you would love to receive:

Please do not send me:

Do you have any inspirations that would help your partner personalize your package (Pinterest, Etsy Favorites, etc)?
Anything else you’d like your partner to know?

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I hope we get a good turn out for this swap. I love Star Wars and already planned on making something for May the Fourth. I think we could have a super fun gallery in celebration!


Oh man. How can I say no?! I think I can swing a medium or 2 smalls in this time frame. :thinking:

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I’m definitely giving this deep thought. My little Snips is really hard to find things for seeing as her Great Love is Clone Wars era Anakin and Ahsoka… gotta think what I could make that would be worthy…


Well, I’m obsessed with most of the patterns on this page. :laughing:

I’d like to say that making something for my kids would be awesome, but let’s face it, this would totally, 100% be for me!


Ha! Great patterns. Makes me think of Kidlet’s Christmas sweater for like 3 years running.

I’m so sad she finally grew out of it!


Omg, that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.


Remember, this is only a medium or two small! LOL! If you want to go overboard, feel free to talk to your partner. I don’t want people thinking they will be expected to knit an entire sweater. Ha!
But that sweater is awesome.

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Yes! I was thinking more like these mitts or this hat or an R2D2 tea cozy?! What?!


OMG - love this idea - now to think on it.


I am guessing people are working hard on their questionnaires?

This is definitely high on my radar, I just have a few things to work out before I can responsibly commit.

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I was going to comment this in random chat but this group will truly appreciate it.
My four year old daughter- the heart of my heart- was angry that I was calling bedtime last night so she picked up a book and handed it to me saying, “Take a picture,” implying that I should be in the book.
The book was a field guide to Star Wars beasts battled during the Clone Wars era.

The lamb.


Hahaha…she’s the best.

My q is definitely coming!


sent my info!

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While we are filling out our questionniares, what is your favorite Star Wars version? The originals, the new movies, the Disney+ shows, books, the cartoon version?
For me it is the Originals, episodes 4-6. Nothing can ever top them. I also love The Mandalorian, of course. :green_heart:

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Woohoo! My Q is in!

Oh OGs all the way. Empire has always been my fave of the 3.

I do love Rogue One. SO GOOD!

And Mando is fantastic. I also LOVED Obi Wan. Loving this new era of SW!

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LOL! Sorry about the weird question about small or medium boxes. I removed it. I was using the Flate Rate box questionnaire as a template.

Haha…no worries. I figured it was something like that. :wink: I answered it anyway! :laughing:

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