May the Fourth Swap Gallery

In celebration of Star Wars and May the Fourth! Enjoy this amazing gallery!


The swap was for one medium or two smalls.


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I received! @goatgoddesss sent me the cutest Grogu wall art!


dark pic but it is sooo cute! Thanks so much!


Ha! That is a super awesome wall hanging but it’s not from me! :sweat_smile:

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Oh that is adorable!!! it must be from @goatgoddesss - Do you have a clearer picture? It really looks detailed!

That is adorable @goatgoddesss! What a fabulous piece of art!

My incredible package from @Dfabbric has arrived! Going to upload pictures …


I received an amazing package from @Dfabbric, I feel incredibly spoilt!! We did say we’d do some extras, but she sent EXXXTTTRASSS :sparkling_heart:

I asked for things that my hubby would like especially, and she really delivered. He is super impressed with her amazing sewing skills.

The smaller items alone are pretty special - she sent some super cute Star Wars Valentine fabric, and a mug rug made of fabric with Chewie and the porgs (Mr Jemimah loves porgs!)

The bigger items are spectacular! Take a look at this amazing machine embroidered cushion cover of a Starry Night.Star Wars mash-up - it’s fantastic!!

And, of course, we both love Grogu - she sent Grogu coasters too! Awwww :heart:

Thank you so much Diane, for an amazing and generous parcel of Star Wars awesomeness!


Holy wow!! That’s just jam packed with awesome!


OMG - the starry night one and the fabrics are soooo cute. :slight_smile:


here is one I took before sending it off - so glad you like it momiemae :slight_smile:


@goatgoddesss - It’s absolutely adorable. I love all the details. You really captured him.

@Dfabbric - I love that Wookie/porg fabric! Their little faces are killing me! Ha! Love a mug rug too, so that is tops on my list. The cushion cover is brilliant! But the star of the show are those coasters! So cool and cute!!!

I wonder how Grogu heavy this gallery will get? Ha! No complaints.


He’s perfect! Love the felt rendition and the embroidered details. The scrappy hanger is pretty awesome, too!


Yours was sent out this morning. Sorry for the mixup!

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no worries - will be watching for it - thanks!

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Wonderful work! I love his expressive face :heart:

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I received from @momiemae today!

She generously sent a yarn Grogu for my girls and a little mini Grogu. She so sent another “finders keepers” candy/prize that my daughter took off with immediately. I managed to snag the stormtrooper figure she got for the pic.

I also got a mini charcuterie board with the Death Star on it!

Pics from a couple angles:

Thanks so much @momiemae!


Cute package @momiemae! The Death Star board is really cool!

I received from @Abbeeroad !
She sent an awesome drawing of the Armorourer and a grogu magnet.

Thanks so much, I love everything!

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I’m glad you like it!!

I am not sure why your pic isn’t showing up for me. Here’s the link to the pic:


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I still cant see it…?