Complete: Ongoing ATC swap, September 2022

Ongoing ATCs, September 2022! :partying_face: :green_heart:


Card by @Cindy, photo by @Lynx2Lancer

Discussion and Gallery thread is here: Ongoing ATC swap gallery & discussion 2022
Please make sure you are Watching this thread, or check it regularly.

From the old c’ster thread: This is an ongoing swap, with your level of participation determined entirely by you, with a minimum of one card for the month. People of all levels of card making are welcome. Sign-ups are open all month. Please make sure you are not late or flaky in any of your other swaps, and that you have good communication.

Artist trading cards can be made by anyone, from any material, with any method. The official card is the size of a rectangular baseball card, 2.5 by 3.5 inches done in a cardstock weight paper. This swap tends to openly interpret what that means. We have seen cards made from nature, sewn, woven, and knitted, pop-ups, movables, mini books, stained glass, clay, and even a 4-d dollhouse room. All skill levels welcome, just send your best work (and try to refrain from critiquing your own cards in the gallery any more than you would anyone else’s!) Preferences can be mentioned when you make a claim.


atc: artist trading card.

artist’s choice: in claiming the creator chooses any theme but sticks to requests like flat cards only or hand-drawn only.

tbd: to be determined, in claiming the artist will pick from the theme list later.

kid card or card made by kiddos: only allowed where the theme list specifically mentions that they would like a kid card. Kid cards are always welcome as extras and should be posted in the gallery.

bulky: are cards that will not fit in a plastic baseball card sleeve

Swap name: Ongoing ATC swap September 2022
Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: thanate
Sign-up date range: September 1 through September 30 2022
Send out Date: 2 weeks after the day you claim
Limited to a certain number of people? no

Restricted to people who all live in the same country? no

Additional Age requirement? no

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:

Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:

Has been a member for at least one month: YES/NO
Has posted at least 15 times: YES/NO
Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES/NO
Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES/NO
Does not have any negative feedback: YES/NO

Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES/NO


*Name of swap: Ongoing ATC Swap – September 2022
*Lettuce Craft username:
*Email address:
*Your real name AND Mailing address including the country (written as it would appear on the envelope):

*Are you at least 16 years old?
*Have you read the entire swap information for this swap?
*Have you met the Participant Conditions?
*Have you checked in with the gallery/discussion thread?
*What is the exact size of an atc?
*Are you able to post pictures here of what you receive?
*Are you aware that if a card is lost in the mail, you are required to resend?
*How soon should you post pictures of the cards you receive?
*When sending sent/received messages to the swap organizer, there are four pieces of information that must be included about each swap. What are they?
*Bonus Q: did you make anything fun this summer?

Starting September 1, you may begin claiming as soon as the organizer has approved your questionnaire. You may make as many claims as you like during the month as long as you have fewer than 10 claims outstanding (ie, that have not been SENT). After you make a claim, you have 2 weeks to send it; if you look at a calendar, your “due date” will be two rows down. Please keep track of your claims; the organizer will do this also, but in case of confusion it’s always easier not to have to keep scrolling back upthread in search of stuff! :wink:

New swappers: If this is your first swap, you are allowed one claim to start. Once that card has been RECEIVED, you may make up to 10 claims just like everyone else.

Claims are made chain-style:
Swap Organizer posts a list of themes.
Swapper A chooses a theme from Swap Organizer’s list, and posts their own list of themes.
Swapper B chooses a theme from Swapper A’s list, & posts their own list.
At the end of the month the Swap Organizer will make a last claim and close the swap.

Your claim should look something like this:
I claim ATC Maker for “happy theme”, due (2 weeks from today)
3/1/1 (3 claims made/2 sent/1 of those received)

Hi I’m Swapper, from Country! Please don’t send me anything 3D or with fiery death.

My themes are:

After you have claimed, please message the person you claimed to ask for their address.

Then make your card & send it! :green_heart:
Because this is a swap of tiny papercrafts, you do not need a postal receipt. However, if your card does not arrive within 2 weeks, you will be asked to make and send a new one. (Given the pandemic & global mail nonsense, we’ll play this by ear, but we want everyone to get their cards!)

When you send or receive please be sure to message the organizer and the person your are sending to/receiving from with the following info:
*to (who is getting the card)
*from (who sent the card)
*due date
*theme chosen

this can be super simple:
I sent today!
due 8/14, from Swapper to ATC Maker for happy theme

When you get a card, post a picture to the gallery! You have 3 days from the day you receive to do this.

Feedback will be given when all your claims have been received & all the pictures you are responsible for have been posted.

Please post your general questions, encouragement, and other chatting in the gallery/discussion thread also. (For specific questions message the organizer.) This thread should contain claims only.

Enjoy your ATCs!


@thanate 1/1/0
@Juju 1/1/1

:seedling: new swapper (one claim until first card is received)
:snail: running late (with communication)
:package: sent!
:gift: received!
:rainbow: swapper is finished!

due 9/15:
Juju to thanate for map or potion :package: 9/14 :gift:
thanate to Juju for nature (probably) :package: 9/16

First list here!

Hi! I’m Ann, currently in Maryland. I prefer kid-safe (creepy/nature is fine, profanity/R-rated not) & no unsealed microplastics, but otherwise have fun! :slight_smile:

Themes for me:

*draw me a map of:
-someplace real that you love or miss
-someplace that doesn’t exist
-something that’s not a place

*something you’d include in a spell book
*good potion ingredients
*things Baba Yaga would keep on her shelf

*things painted or carved on stone (cave art, runestones, garden rocks, etc)

*Little Good Things (something that makes you happy!)

*anything from one of my previous lists

Themes for my kid: (favorite colors gold, green, I don’t know it keeps changing…)

*anything Legend of Zelda, especially BotW
*Potion making

I claim @thanate for either a map or potion(can’t make you my mind., and possibly one for kiddo lol Due : Sept 15th

Claimed: 1
Sent: 1
Received 0

*Hi I’m Juju from The USA! Please don’t send me anything overly masculine, with alot of gore and blood, no political or religious denominational type cards.
Finished on back with paper or stamp, info, etc…
**I do enjoy receiving the ATC Coins(2.5"circle), Glitter is great if sealed.

*My themes are:

Anything Irish/Celtic
Hello Kitty
Japanese themed
Dachshund (mine is a red dapple)
Fairy, cute, whimsical, realistic, anyway you want to create it
Mermaids - cute, whimsical, Realistic, etc…
Bunnies- cute (I :heart::rabbit2:)
Anime: Black Butler, Cagister Cage, Engaged to the Unidentified, Fruit Basket(2019), or artists favorite
Harry Potter
Artist choice in one of my favorite colors: pink, red, black, periwinkle, or a combination of
Red Riding Hood
My favorite Disney Princesses: Merida, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty
Victorian Goth ( architecture, fashion)
Halloween - cute or spooky
Nature: fantasy or realistic, woods, water, animals…

I look forward to trading with y’all! :purple_heart:


I claim Juju for… probably nature, but maybe dragons, due 9/15

…and I guess we are closed.