COMPLETED: Hoopla Swap Round 1 - signups end 7/16

Dude!I freaked out for a second. :laughing:

I finished my hoop, and made an extra mini one for fun. I plan on getting to the post office on Monday


I started a new job on Monday & thought I would have time for crafting each evening HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I went from laptop to bed at 6pm each day. :wink:

So, as we have another heat wave this week & weekend, I will be spending Saturday hiding in the one air conditioned room in my house and that makes the perfect crafting time! Woo!

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Finished and actually made it to the post office. Now back in the AC! :hot_face:

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Just checking in OMG nothing like signing for swaps for work to go CRAZY!!! working away in the wee hours of the night for some mental relief!


Relax, take your time, I’ll probably need until the last minute to get mine in the mail.

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Gallery has been posted! It’s also linked in the first post of this thread.


Having a lovely restful afternoon stitching. So much for all my weekend plans - after my first week at new job, I spent all Saturday sleeping. Ha! So catching up today with some crafting,

Oh my goodness, so many people already done! I started, but just the other day, and it’s going to take awhile… I’ll be sending close to (if not on) the deadline…

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Me too, I am doing something I haven’t done in decades & it is taking forever!

Ok, I am at about 50% through my project. And then some finishing touches. Glad to be at this point, so I feel safe about making the send-out date!

I am done. I have to package it up. And print postage. But scheduling pick up is iffy here so it’ll probably be tomorrow before I can drop it off at a mailbox

Send outs are next Monday! How is everyone doing?

I only need a couple evening craft sessions and then I am done!

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Same here, just a little more! I have set a deadline to ship on friday. :slight_smile:

Getting close to finishing but my hubby keeps wanting my help on our house :smiley: I will send on time.

I am not feeling great about this send-out date fast approaching. This is… way more time consuming than I thought. I’m at that point where I have to decide to keep pushing forward (and maybe be late) or switch gears now. I have so many hours in already but I’m only… about 30-40% done… I might have to go to Plan B, honestly… I’m just too slow!

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I mailed today


Managed to finish Plan B and sent today, just in the nick of time!

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Hey everyone, if you haven’t checked into let me know if you sent please do so now.

Also please check this post and let me know if I have you marked correctly as sending and/or receiving