COMPLETED Santa's Sack Swap - SU 9/23-10-7 = SO 12/5

Santa's Sack Swap


Swap details:
Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: geekgirl
Sign-up date range: 9/23/22-10/7/22
Date to send items by: 12/5/22
Limited to a certain number of people: No

Organizer details:
Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
Has been a member for at least one month: Yes
Has posted at least 15 times: Yes
Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: Yes
Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: Yes
Does not have any negative feedback: Yes
Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: Yes

Lettuce Swapping Rules

Details of swap:

  • Make your partner 1 reusable gift bag
    Fill the bag with
  • 1 medium crafted item
  • 2 small crafted items
  • 2 purchased stocking stuffers

the gift bag should be a Christmas themed bag.
The items in the bag do NOT need to be Christmas related unless your partner lists Christmas items on their questionnaire

All the items in your “Santa sack” should be wrapped!

Swap Item Sizes
By Size & Time:
Extra Small – 1+ hours – ATC, bookmark, vinyl decal, fridge magnet, stickers, masterboards, earrings.
Small – 2+ hours – pouches, ATC trios, TM patch, small artwork, dishcloth, set of 4 notecards, simple necklace.
Medium – 3+ hours – small amigurumi (6” or less), tote bags, basic scarf, hooplas (outline or felt), earring & necklace set.

Name of swap: Santa Sack Swap
Lettuce Craft username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address including the country:

Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?

If you are in the US, do you agree to send the tracking info to the swap organizer?
If you are not in the US do you agree to take pictures of the receipt and send to the swap organizer?

Confirm that are at least 16 years old: (YES/NO)
Have you successfully completed 1 swap?

Any allergies:
Allergens in your house:

Do you want to make/send extras?

Anything you would positively, absolutely hate to receive?

Colors you like:

Themes you like:

Do you have a preference on the method used to make your gift bag?

What methods are you comfortable using to make your partner’s giftbag?

Things you like to make:

List 2-3 mediums you would like to receive:

List 3-4 smalls you would like to receive:

List 3-4 purchased stocking stuffers you would like to receive:

Do you want 1 or 2 partners?:

Pinterest or other online inspiration:




Participant Partner Date Sent Recieved DC # Notes Select Feedback
1 geekgirl photojenn In Progress.
2 endymion MightyMitochondria In Progress.
4 Juju bunny1kenobi In Progress.
5 MightyMitochondria endymion In Progress.
6 Bunny1kenobi juju In Progress.
7 Tapestry cindy In Progress.
8 Geekgirl kwality In Progress.
9 Kwality570 Geekgirl In Progress.
10 Cindy tapestry In Progress.
11 gozer arstycandice In Progress.
12 photojenn geekgirl In Progress.
13 artsyCandice gozer In Progress.
14 Tapestry kwality In Progress.
15 Kwality570 Tapestry In Progress.

Working on my questionnaire now!


Sent mine too!


Question, do the items need to be Christmas or holiday themed? Or can they be anything, or a mix?

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Good question! I was just wondering that also

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They can be anything. I can add clarification to the questionnaire. The gift bag should be Christmas themed but not the items in the bag.


I added this to the swap info:
the gift bag should be a Christmas themed bag.
The items in the bag do NOT need to be Christmas related unless your partner lists Christmas items on their questionnaire

Also adding this (I spent so much time on the swap details and STILL missed stuff!)
All the items in your “Santa sack” should be wrapped!


I’ll be signing up! Will get my Q in early next week.


I’m in!


I’m in!


I’ll be sending in my questionnaire. This looks fun!


I’ve misread this swap as ”Santas Snack Swap” and ”Santas Shack Swap”. I might need my eyes checked :sweat_smile:


:joy: I’m so glad I’m not the only one that does that!


I’m going to work on my signup form tonight!


I’m on the fence about this swap, started filling out the questionnaire but had trouble thinking up things I’d like. I don’t need anything and hardly have room for more stuff but I thoroughly enjoy creating for others.

How do I signup to send but not receive :smiley:


I sometimes ask for things that are nice gifts to have on hand. Mug rugs, zipper pouches, etc.


I agree with MightyMitochondria, Cindy. You could asks for presents for others or for things you can donate to a local animal shelter (pet toys, mini blankets), or to a nursing home (lap blankets, socks, etc) if you can’t think of anyone specific in your life that needs something.


Yes, I agree, @Cindy ! Do play; just ask for family-giftable or donate-able… or surprise-giftable to people like your mailman or restaurant server. I do know you like ATCs and you can always put those on your list as well.


Asking for animal shelter or nursing home items is a great idea. :heart::heart:


Also, consumable stuff - note cards/envelopes for Happy Mail?
dishcloths. homemade are nice but they do eventually wear out.

Maybe a special book or container to store ATCs in
journal to doodle in, etc

something for the grandkids?