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Swap thread

Participant Partner Date Sent Partner Received
geekgirl photojenn 12/5/2022 12/9/2022
endymion MightyMitochondria 12/1/2022 12/3/2022
Juju bunny1kenobi 12/5/2022 12/8/2022
MightyMitochondria endymion 12/1/2022 12/5/2022
Bunny1kenobi juju 11/12/2022 11/16/2022
Tapestry cindy 11/17/2022 11/26/2022
Geekgirl kwality 12/5/2022 12/8/2022
Kwality570 Geekgirl 12/2/2022 12/7/2022
Cindy tapestry 11/22/2022 12/22/2022
gozer arstycandice 12/4/2022 12/8/2022
photojenn geekgirl 11/18/2022 11/21/2022
artsyCandice gozer 12/8/2022 12/12/2022
Tapestry kwality 12/3/2022 12/6/2022
Kwality570 Tapestry 12/2/2022 12/6/2022

Yay! I get to share my fantastical, most amazing Santa Sack from @Bunny1kenobi first! Thank you so much for everything! You touched on more then one of my favorites and when I opened the sack, I was just really overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness and time you put into it. :hugs:

There’s a few pictures…I had to shower y’all everything!

First is the sack she made me! Isn’t it beautiful?! She cross-stitched the mittens and it just wentv perfect with the fabric she used for the sack. The ribbon has a deer charm attached.

Next are my stocking stuffers! Two of my favorites; Hello Kitty and a handmade necklace. The necklace is polymer clay I believe, and it’s a circle! My favorite shape is a circle. (No I’m not 5, I just like them! Lol)

I also received this mini journal, a mini hinged box with a artist palette and brush! (How cute is that?!),a mini diorama with tiny furniture! The walls and floors can be changed and tiny balls of yarn!



Last but definitely not least, these beautiful hand made slipper socks! Soft, beautiful colors and I can’t wait to wear them! My feet thank you! :hugs:

Sorry it’s lengthy, but I just had to show everything! Thank you again @Bunny1kenobi , I love it all! :hugs:


I’m so glad you like everything!!

The necklace is actually a cool glass bead that I found at a local rock shop.

And the mini diorama can also be set up like this:

I must say, though, that your idea of just changing it up is a good one, which I hadn’t even considered! :star_struck:


The slipper socks are lovely and practical! Fun items…the little artist box is just the cutest!

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Oooh! What cool gifts. I love the interesting circle bead, and the teeny art box, and the diorama. The sack itself is also so pretty. Nice haul!


Thanks, guys!

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nice package! Love that mini journal and the diorama!


Thank you!

Ooh! What fun. I love everything

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I got my awesome package from @photojenn!

The sack- pretty snow flake fabric

Trying to get a pic of the shininess

First this gorgeous towel she wove. It’s beautiful and I just couldn’t get a good pic of it.

Rygel helping out

A handmade travelers note book. Love this! The colors are great.

And a seal kit! Can’t wait to play with it.

Next is this pouch. Photojenn used the stamp she carved to decorate the pouch.
The stamp is so cool and fancy!
The clay pendant was made by artsycandace.

Some black pens I haven’t tried yet.

And these alcohol ink magnets

And colored posca paint pens!

Thanks photojenn for a great swap!


Wow! What a phenomenal package! That’s some excellent stalking, there!


Extremely beautiful packages!


The towels and the magnets and the journal are all just phenomenally gorgeous.


Love the towels, stamp, and magnets! Such a great package!


I received from @Tapestry and she blew me away, I think she knows me somehow …

First these adorable birdie ATCs along with my snowman sack

Then the most adorable Jalapeño dressed for winter (this is my hubby’s ornament, he really liked it)

I knew the next package contained something to do with my grand daughters because Jenn asked me for photos. I was already in awe of my package, I took a deep breath, so I wouldn’t cry before I even opened it, and unwrapped …

I won’t show the original photos for privacy reasons but she nailed these sweethearts and their personalities perfectly. They are shrink art and will be forever keepsakes.

Store bought items … the socks are mine but I’ll share the other items with the girls

I already blubbered a long thank you to Jenn but have to add one more!


Wow! I love the bag fabric (I’m not ordinarily a big fan of snowmen, but like those.) The little birds and the pepper are super cute! Love those ornaments with your grandkids, and the socks are so fun.


The jalapeno and portrait ornaments are amazing.


Those birdie ATCs are so cute!


What an awesome package! I’m coveting those socks…