Convertible Backpack/Purse - FCQ12020 Challenge Entry

I got this really nice floral fabric in Japan and decided to use it as the liner for a travel bag. I wanted something that could easily convert from a backpack to purse, so I used D- rings and clips.

I made sure to add lots of pockets and zippers for organization. The outside fabric is cotton canvas and I added a patch so it didn’t look so plain.


So practical and organized…it looks so business-like on the outside and then, bam…the inside is gloriously pretty and useful…well done.

Wow! This looks great! I love everything about it: the lining fabric, the exterior fabrics, the overall design, and even the decorative crest. (Rah, rah, Hufflepuff!)

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Beautifully designed and stitched, you did a wonderful job with this.

Awesome backpack/purse…great form and function. That liner fabric is beautiful. I’m glad you used a bit of it on the outside as well!

I am a sucker for a clever bag design! I really like how method for making it convertible, and the lining fabric is so fun. Nicely done!

Oh this is great. The outside looks so streamlined.

I love the fact that the strap matches the bottom and that it’s a convertible bag. Hooray for utility, function, and a cute bag!

I love the versatility and that fabric is wonderful. Amazingly well-made!!

Wow! This is gorgeous!

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