Cooktop Burner Grate Pad

We have wood countertops in our kitchen and the burner grates for TheMisterT’s stove are cast iron (aren’t most of them?). He cooks and I clean up and I have been limping along with a too-small dish drying pad to set the grates on when cleaning the stove. After making this magnetic hot pad earlier in the day, I decided to make a bad for the burner grates.


It has a loop for hanging it on a nearby hook and is quilted just a little.


The back is a plain black fabric, kind of a medium-weight woven from stash, and there’s a layer of franken-batting between.


And here it is in use with the grates from the stove stacked on it.


All materials from stash and I was so glad to get to use this bright fig print for something I will see most days!


Smart! Gotta keep that new stove sparkling!

Clever, functional, & food based fabric too!

Thanks, friends!

@Magpie We had two fig trees before we moved, and purple/green (green/purple) our both of our favorite and second favorite colors, so this print fits in a few ways!

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Oh, they’re figs? I thought they were pomegranates. But still, beautiful fabric!

Thank you! That’s my interpretation, based on the color, the leaf shape, and the details of the insides which aren’t really obvious in my pics. But we may never know what the designer intended!

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That’s a great fabric and I love when people use crafting for clever solutions to everyday issues.

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Lovely! Great way to protect those countertops!

Thanks everyone!

This afternoon I come home from running bi-weekly errands and he has the center grate out and replaced with the griddle… just sitting on the counter! DUDE. I’m like, yeah I made a thing just for this. He thought that this thing was the other thing for some reason. We’re straight now. :roll_eyes:


lol yeah, my husband was afraid to “mess” up the pad I made to set the cutting board on…dude, so messing the countertop is better? ha

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Great idea and nice pattern!

Such fun fabric! Serves its purpose well.

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Thanks, friends!

Cute and functional! The best combo!

Thank you!