Magnetic Freezer-top Hot Pad


Our chest freezer lives in our non-temperature-controlled mudroom. The room is at least as cold as our over-full refrigerator, so sometimes leftover dishes are set there overnight. BUT our cork trivets would often stick to the bottom of a pot or dutch oven when we picked it back up which means eventually an unnamed member of our household set the dutch oven on the stove and set the cork afire! ACK! The only damage was to the trivet and the house hardly even stunk. :wink:


Anyway, now we’re down one trivet, so I thought I’d make a hot pad to live on the freezer lid. I pieced together several scraps of Insulbrite large enough to fit our largest baking dish with extra around the edges.


TO make this as handy as possible, thought to make it magnetic so it can just stay on the lid of the freezer even when we open the lid. Of course, I want to be able to throw this into the washing machine, so the magnets need to be removeable. I dug through my elastic stash and had just enough to make these little pockets for the four corners. I didn’t have enough super strong magnets of the appropriate size in my stash, so I hope to pick some up tomorrow when I’m in town.


There are two layers of cotton batting in the center. All materials except the magnets are from stash! The franken-Insulbrite made a decent sized dent in the Insulbrite scrap stash, too. WOO!


Oooh, useful little project! I love the fabric too.

Brilliant to think of using the magnets. Not to mention making them removable for washing. Such a cool hot pad!

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What a great idea. So handy and the fabric backing is gorgeous.

Ooooh, wicked smahhht! Love the magnet idea also.

Awwww, thanks everyone! I’m excited to get the magnets tomorrow and put it to use!

I love that fabric, too, so even though I was glad to use it, I was a little bummed that it would be face down all the time. SOOOOO, I made another thing with it this afternoon! I lightly quilted a pad for setting the cook stove’s burner grates for when I clean the stove top. Our counters are wood and the grates are cast iron, so I have been setting them on a slightly too-small-in-one-direction towel. YEY!

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You are the queen of making everything more functional for you and the Mr. in a 100% unique, custom, and creative way!

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What a smart idea! I love a customized project.

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Aw, thanks y’all!

@Abbeeroad It’s my curse! Why can’t I make more things just for fun? :rofl:


I really do enjoy your functional and practical projects. When you love to sew, and love cute fabric, finding things that won’t just sit in a drawer can be difficult!

Our large chest freezer still looks nice, but the top is often used to set down groceries, packages, etc. This idea would be great just to protect the top! I love your clever idea of using magnets!

I have a bunch of strip magnets that could work…also, the tip to make them removeable is noted…

You use such nice fabrics to make these things pretty as well.

Awwww, thank you so much! A while back I was plotting a cover for the whole lid surface of the freezer, because we set other things there as well. I was also going to just hold it down with magnets. My procrastination paid off in magnet pockets! I ended up going with traditional ceramic magnets, so I am thinking I will spray paint them when the weather permits in case any moisture in the air (or spills, I suppose) might make them rust.

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