Cool Guy Bear/Cool Guy Shark Medallion Embellishments

These are for an upcoming project, but they were enough work that I think they deserve they’re own thread!


The bears and sharks were cut with a Cricut and are around 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) across which means that the weeding and transferring was kind of… a lot. The circles were cut with a punch.


These are a little bigger and for a “special” portion of the upcoming project. The outer circle is white glitter paper, the vinyl a bronze-ish metallic.


This looks like a “shirts vs skins” kind of thing….

They look great! And I feel your pain on the weeding.



Sounds like they were a pain, but they sure look great! Can’t wait to find out how they will be used at the event.

You’re a lot of fun, ye know?

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Awwww, thank you, friends!

You mean the bear was a bear to weed? LOL! They are both as cool as they think they are. And those two think they are very cool!


HA!!! :laughing: :joy:

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