A Plethora of "Miñatas" - Mini Piñata Party Favors

I’ve already made a plethora of piñata for wrapping TheMisterT’s milestone birthday gifts, but I also wanted to make a plethora of mini piñatas as party favors for the guests at the official celebration later this spring. Of course, I’ve been calling them “miñatas”!

There are 15 of the “basic” models with the cool guy bear and cool guy shark “medallions” on them and two “special” models with special cool guy bear and cool guy shark medallions and some other details for TheMisterT and one of his best dudes whose actual birthday is the day of the party.

Mostly theirs are special because the pinatas contain the koozies I made and these guys are getting special koozies so I wanted to be able to tell which was which.


They’re built on paper coffee cups. I am trying to keep a bit of a color story of grey and silver, because old guy hair (if they have it) :rofl: and through in what and black, because I already had those colors of crepe streamers and the contrast is nice.

Grey twine for hanging, even though they probably won’t hang it just seems like they wouldn’t be pinatas with it! Cut a little slice in the bottom of the top cup, tied a knot and taped it down.

Coiled the loop and taped it down to keep it out of the way while I was gluing and gluing and gluing.

Used masking tape to tape two cups together, then covered that with a layer of black crepe.
Then I started layering on the crepe that I’d fringe cut from the center out: black, silver, white, grey. These are all attached using white craft glue.

I did a little half-width, double layer fringe on the top and bottom in silver.

Next I fluffed all the fringes!

Then hot glue to attach the medallions after I pressed the fringes out of he way a bit.


The practice one was… ugly. Redoing it gave me the chance to test how easily these open (since there will be no bashing-with-a-stick). They take a little effort, but are pretty easy to break open at the center seam. Easy for most adults, I think, but strong enough to withstand the road trip. YEY!

Once I got a rhythm they weren’t too-too laborious, but having these scissors really helped!


There was a hook right next to the door at the rented beach house! Perfect!


Way to masterfully make myriad miñatas! Magnificent.


Girl, you funny. These are a gas!

Very cool! I love piñatas.

A friend used to have a Cinco de Mayo party every year, and would include adult items in the piñata–condoms, mini liquor bottles–but then somebody started bringing their kid, and all we got after that was candy and toys.

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Gracias amigos!

I remember those kinds of pinatas! So much fun! I was very tempted to put mini boozies in these, but 17 of those was going to add up :moneybag: pretty quick!


So fun!

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Such fun!

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How fun are these!?!?!

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I hope pretty fun! THANKS, friends!

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Awesome! These are super clever and turned out great!

(You should totally do a shirts vs skins version of this. See which team can open all their minatas the fastest. All the girls can be on the shirts team. Or not…. I guess it would depend on how interesting you want the party to get.)

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HAHAHA! The girls will be me, his sister, his mom and aunt, and my mom! Oh, and his dad’s girlfriend. That might be too-close of a family moment!


Bahahaha!!! Oh yeah… the family that plays together, indeed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These are awesome! What did you fill them with? Is it all candy? I can see the coozies and little soccer balls…

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Thanks! Just the koozies and a few candies: a couple of Mexican candies, the chocolate soccer balls, Smarties, and then some random. I wanted to keep it not-crazy cost/each, but still fun with stuff tumbling out.

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