Cork Bumpers and Pads


After making this floating key fob, I had some scraps of sheet cork that were too just too big to simply toss, but kind of a PITA to keep, as you can see.

I end up putting these or the felt version under all kinds of things to protect the surfaces they are set upon OR on the inside of drawers and cabinet doors, so why not have a stash all cut and ready to go? Here is one on the bottom of our cast iron pepper grinder.


Where is the smacking-myself-on-the-forehead emoji…This is so smart and useful, and it never dawned on me that this would be a perfect use for the adhesive-backed roll of cork I have. I bought it for a craft project and couldn’t figure out how it would serve any practical purpose beyond decoration, because it’s thin. Duh, me, I could have been doing THIS with it! :laughing:



Thanks, pals!

@calluna Now you have a plan for it! And you’re ahead of me as mine is not self-adhesive so I have to take an extra step!

Simply genius!

Oh! So smart!

Bahahahaaaa! And here I was trying to use big words and keep up with my algebra skills when all I had to do was make some small cork circles to be smart! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: