Floating Key Fob/Keychain


Three winters ago TheMisterT dropped his car/house/work keys in the snow while plowing and it could’ve been a minor disaster if I hadn’t been able to find them. Two winters ago we were using our new plow and I thought it would be a good idea to get a big, easy to locate key thingie for it and got the idea to get one of those chonky, plastic coated foam key fobs that people use for boats. I didn’t find one that I wanted to drop the dough + shipping costs on and we lived with something else. Recently, I decided to try again to find a floating key fob and came upon something like this! Certainly worth the asking price, BUT I already had pretty much everything to make one! WOO!


I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut five 2" circles from some sheet cork and a leather punch to cut the holes for the ball chain. I laminated the cork circles together using contact cement (the one thing I had to buy, because…oops, I was out). Then I glued in green eyelets (from my grommet drawer, @steiconi!) to help keep the chain from wearing away at the cork. I chose green, because our UTV is a green Yamaha Viking that we add a plow to in winter. (see below)

Now we don’t actually ever take the key out of the ignition or anything, BUT if for some reason we do and drop it in the snow, it will probably not go too deep because of the size and weight of the fob.


Very functional! I would never have thought of laminating the cork sheets together; that was so clever!


I wouldn’t have either, but YEY for some etsy maker who did! Theirs were 3 layers of thicker cork.


That is cool. Good job making use of your stash (and grommet drawer!).

How much work do you get out of those skeletons?


They don’t work a lot, but they do work consistently. :rofl:

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This is such a clever solution!

Such a good idea! These would be perfect for a day at the pool or lake.

Thanks, friends!