Coronavirus: Life in 6 words meets Weekend Atc Blitz Challenge #2

I joined a “Coronavirus: Life in 6 words” swap on another site and decided that I would find a way to use the prompts from this weekend’s ATC Blitz #2 prompts.

Prompt #1: Chevron (This was my second Chevron card. I made this after I changed to the following syle)

Prompt #2: Fortune Real or Made Up

Prompt #3: Add a hat (I took some liberties and made my hat an astronaut helmet)

Prompt #4: Earth

Prompt #5: Snarky (This is more word play than snarky, so I took a little liberty as well)

Prompt #6: Garden (got to use @JoyfulClover’s lettuce stamp again!)

These were all made with Bic Marker and crayon.

Thanks for looking.


Artistic multi tasking!

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Clever how you met the prompts of both challenges!

I love that the art world is dealing with this creatively…realistic but still with a sense of humor and hope!

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These are so great - they make me smile :smile_cat: I think I like the skunk in the astronaut helmet best!

Squee!!! The lettuce!!!

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I love how well you incorporated the 6 words into each card and double-dipped the themes. Clever on 3 different levels is all kinds of awesome!