Weekend ATC Blitz Challenge #2!

:smiley_cat: :two_hearts: :writing_hand: :woman_genie: :unicorn: :cherry_blossom: :honeybee: :earth_asia: :rocket: :waning_crescent_moon: :rainbow: :8ball: :crayon: :old_key: :paintbrush: :camera: :scissors: :crown: :art: :framed_picture: :performing_arts: :lollipop: :mushroom:
We might be staying in and socially isolating but that shouldn’t stop us from being creative! This will be a fun 3 day challenge to create a pile of ATC’s and share the visual bounty with each other. We will be doing a challenge every weekend until the end of April!

The Rules

-ATC’s must be original and official size 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
-ATC’s must not have been posted before
-All ATC’s that you create for this challenge must be posted in this thread (post them as you make them!)
-To be eligible for the prize you must create at least one ATC in each of the 6 themes and more is obviously better! Because we will have 6 Blitzs in all, any previous winners will not be included in the random draw-spreading the collage :heart: around!

This challenge will start Friday March 27 at noon MST and end on Sunday, March 29 at midnight MST

There will be a new theme posted every day at noon (3) and every evening around 5/6 MST (3) for a total of 6 themes each weekend. The new themes will be posted on this first post.

Once you make your ATC(s) post in this thread, please note you can catch up on themes at anytime before the Blitz ends. All mediums are welcome!

A random draw from all artists who have posted at least one ATC in each of the 6 themes will be made each Monday night for a letter size envelope of collage goodies! Due to circumstances I will try and mail when I can, winners might have to wait a bit if my post office closes
Artists who have made a seperate post of their 6/6 (or more) ATC’s with an ATC tag and ATC Blitz #2 in the title by drawtime Monday night will get an extra entry!

Please keep track of completed themes when you post by putting this at the top of each ATC you post:
Themes 1/6 -when you’ve completed one of the themes
Themes 2/6 -when you’ve completed two of the themes and so on
**note that this is not the theme number but IS the number of ATCs you have finished and posted. I will look at the end of the weekend for all 6/6 posts for the draw and will not be keeping track in any other way, thanks :slight_smile:


  1. Chevrons
  2. Fortune cookie fortunes-real or made up
  3. Add a hat!
  4. The Earth
  5. Snarky
  6. In the Garden

I am ready! Hooray! It was so much fun to have this to work on last weekend :grinning:

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Yes!.. another Blitz xxx

Omg so exciting!

First theme is up, as well I just added a couple of things in the first post so please give it a read! Happy atc’ing!

This is such a fun idea!! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete them all this weekend, but I’m going to try this time and enjoy looking at what everyone creates!

The best part of this is no pressure at all! Do all, do some, do extra-whatever your life and artistic mojo has room for :slight_smile: I have to say I loved coming on here last weekend and seeing everyone’s cards :heartpulse:

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Last weekend was crazy busy for me, but I have just loved looking at everyone’s challenge ATC art work from last weekend - inspirational! I’ve already got an idea for the first one, and this weekend will be much quieter :smiley_cat:

1/6 Chevron

Bic marker


I love the detail within the chevron! Geez I haven’t managed to leave my computer yet, way to go @Lynx!

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Lovely colours and detail @Lynx!

1/6 chevrons

I’ve got my watercolours out and have taken over the dining table. I miss painting when I haven’t done it for a few days - thanks for the inspiration :panda_face:


So cute!

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I don’t think I can sustain this kind of pace again so soon, so I’ll probably just observe this time. Until one of the themes is (inevitably) irresistible, at least :laughing:

Looking forward to everyone else’s creations, though!

omg, so cute!

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Thanks to @AIMR, I found you. I cut 20+ blanks at school today. Some up cycled boxes, some kids water color paper!


Ack! A chevron sweater clad panda!!! Super adorable!

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Theme 2 is up!


Sweet! My collection of fortune cookie fortunes is coming in handy :slight_smile:

And, my chevron card is all planned out, but i just had a 2 hour Zoom meeting with college friends, and now I’m too tired to finish it. But, tomorro morning I’ll get the first 2 finished, so I don’t fall behind.