Cotton Dish Cloths

We used to use sponges for dishes. Several years ago, I got annoyed at how wasteful it felt, so I started crocheting (or knitting) rags out of 100% cotton yarn. They last a lot longer than icky sponges, you can just throw them in the wash, and cotton is biodegradable, so when they get pretty much used up, I can cut them up and put them in the compost!

I just finished a new handful to throw into the rotation.


Yay for cotton dishcloths! They’re great for using up odd ends of cotton too, so win-win!


A kitchen staple! These are lovely

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I love the colors!

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I agree, this is all I use now
The colors are so fun!

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I love cotton dishcloths! @Lynx2Lancer (I almost wrote BBM) made me some in those same colors! so bright and cheery!


Pretty! And biodegradable - win/win!

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Practical and pretty…

One of my ongoing resolutions is to reduce waste…

I have bags all over the house of various recycled rags…these would be nice in the kitchen…thanks for sharing…I will be “borrowing” this idea!

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I really like these a lot, I give sets to my auntie for the holidays too. I usually purchase them because I find working with cotton a bit awkward but I’ll have to keep trying because they are such a great, useful item.

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I love my cotton dishcloths. @Magpie, want another way to extend their lives, as they get old and develop a few holes? Use them between pots & pans for storage. It keeps the pans from scratching one another, and keeps the racket down when digging out the one you need.


oh that’s a good idea.

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SMART! My kids make so much noise in the kitchen. Can I wrap them in extra cloths too? :smile:



Also, YAY! Glad to hear so many people use the same thing!

I’ve been using a scrub brush because I hated how quickly I went through sponges and they felt so wasteful. I may have to convert to these now instead!

These are great! I’m making a set for my daughter now to get her on the band wagon as well. I will never use a gross sponge again :-1:t2:

These are lovely! My scrubbie just reached the end of its life and I’ve been thinking about what biodegradable thing I can use to replace it - have you ever tried using a more abrasive material, like jute?

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I’ve crocheted scrubbies using tulle. And I’ve used “scrubbie” yarn that has more texture. It’s hard on your hands to crochet but does give you more abrasion.


I might try a little round with some hemp cord I have from jewelry making :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Those are all good ideas too! Honestly, I just keep old gift cards handy for scraping, and it seems to be enough for me, but I’m not a chef like some people around here. :slight_smile:

I’ve always wanted to try these, are they any good? Would you recommend any specific wool, or just any as long as it’s 100% cotton?