Cowboy Hat Box

A dear neighbor and friend died at the end of May and his extended (only) family are [description redacted] so a few of us closer neighbors, including his ex-but-still-close-girlfriend, are putting together a celebration to honor him.


He loved western stuff: had a western/cowboy party most years in July, had a 3/4 scale Old West town (false front), had lots of western art, etc. He always wore a black cowboy hat for his parties, so I made this cowboy hat box as a table decoration.

I have a few other projects in mind that I hope I will get to before the party in a week and a half.


The files are from; I cut them with my Cricut Explore. I had all the paper in stash and the band was something that came on a recent purchase. The feather was one found on the property at some point.

UPDATE: I made this barrel box for the celebration, too.

And here is a photo that helps give scale to the hat.


YEEEHAWWWW baby! Nice job!

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This is so perfect for the intended use. You have a knack for finding the perfect vessel to match the recipient/occasion. I bet your neighbor would have loved this!!

Lol @ [description redacted].

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This is so wonderfully personal & beautifully constructed.
Leave it to you to turn to fancy paper crafting to express your grief & celebrate a life all in one.

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Ack! Is this the gent who helped with the Dr. Potter promotional photos and videos? :anguished:

Either way, lovely job on the hat… it will be a welcome addition to the celebration, I have no doubt,

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Thanks, friends!

How sweet of you! When I had seen this pattern before, I had often thought that I would someday present him with something in it, perhaps as a host gift on one of the times he had us for dinner. :cry:

Yes, that’s the friend. He’s a big loss to the community.

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Oh…how sad. I’m sorry for your loss. :cry: If I could hug you all I would.

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The hat/box turned out great and it is such a great tribute.