Whiskey Barrel Box

I decided to make another table decoration for the celebration of life event I’m helping to organize for a dear neighbor.

He loved a western theme and most years in July he would throw a fun western party/cook out/potluck at his house. So a few of use have put together a potluck picnic to get together and remember him. I’m not much of a cook, but I do love to decorate!

I think these will sit on a little table near the “entrance” with this hat/box and some flowers and a nametag station should people who were in his different circles want to make it easier to mingle with the folks they don’t know.

I cut this with my Cricut Explore using files from svgcuts.com and embossed using my Sizzix Big Shot with a crease pad instead of a bottom cutting plate.

This project fought me every step of the way. I think two things caused this (there is SO MUCH CUSSING embedded in the glue of this): Embossing all the pieces changed their overall shape/size a bit, and the paper was a little thinner than ideal. So much of the brown cardstock available locally is kraft paper. A lot of the other is either a real struggle to clue (Recollections) or too dang thick (Bazzill). I think I would like to try it again and I think I will try paper that is already wood grain textured even though I think that means some of the staves will be cross grain.


You crack me up! The cussing was worth it; it will be a great addition to the celebration.

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This is really excellent, worth the cussing

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Thanks so much, friends!

My condolences x
This is going to look great at your neighbours tribute :hugs: The fact that you have embossed all of the wood grain just makes it so much more special.


There is NO way that is made of paper. NONE. uhn uh. It looks too real.


Awww, thanks so much, y’all!

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