Craft More, Worry Less Wall Quilt

I made this wall quilt for my mom as a birthday gift. It is based on a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern that I received in their Christmas countdown box. Also in the countdown box was a charm pack of Kona Cotton squares in a rainbow of colors. I used those for the border and the fabric in the middle came from stash.

I used some Kimberbell Clear Blue Tiles to mark where to hoop the fabric, then used my embroidery machine to quilt it.

I cut the words and heart out with my Silhouette machine after backing the fabric with Steam-a-Seam 2 (after using it for a collage project, Steam-a-Seam 2 became my favorite fusible. Unlike heat and bond - my old go-to - the steam-a-seam has sticky adhesive that allows you to actually stick your fabric on your base, kind of like a sticker, and it’s reposotionable until you iron it on - very handy!).

My last step before creating the label was to outline all the letters. I love how the black thread made them pop (well most of them. The outline got a bit lost on the word ‘craft’).

Prior to being outlined:

A little more embroidery and sewing around my initial and I had a label for the back.

My mom’s birthday was this weekend and it ended on a very scary note with her rushing my dad to the hospital. It turned out he had a massive heart attack. Thankfully, he is recovering and it sounds like he is going to be okay. This quilt is set to arrive tomorrow and I’m hoping it will put a smile on her face when she opens it.

With my dad very heavy on my mind, I’m now trying to figure out what I can make or do for him…


It’s a beautiful quilt! Your mom must craft as well; that must be where you got your interest in crafts. (?)

Hope your dad recovers quickly; will send prayers & good vibes your way.


Beautiful quilt!

Hope your dad recovers quickly!

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I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. :hugs: But I am sure your mom will love it.

This came out so wonderful!! You are so attentive to every detail in your work. I love the little spools of thread in the quilting!

Hoping your dad recovers swiftly. Glad you got him to the hospital in time!


Whoa, the quilt is awesome but how scary about your dad! (((Hugs))) to you & your family, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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((Hugs)). I hope your dad makes a full and speedy recovery.

Your quilt is lovely.

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The quilt came out wonderfully, such attention to detail.

So sorry to hear about your dad. A heart attack is so scary, and it’s very good your mom took action and got him there quickly. Hopefully he’ll be feeling more like himself very soon.


I’m so sorry to hear about your dad’s heart attack. Glad to hear that his prognosis is good, though!

This wall quilt is simply wonderful! Your mom is going to LOVE it.

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Sorry to hear about your Dad. I know your Mom is worried to and getting a sweet gift should lift her spirits. Sending good vibes and hoping everything is okay.


:boom: Woohoo!! This fantastic project is featured this week! :boom:

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Thank you so much, everybody, for all your kind words, thoughts, and prayers! My dad was released from the hospital today and is now home and resting! My mom found this wall quilt waiting in the mailbox and was very pleased with it :smiling_face:.

@endymion, you are correct, my mom is a crafter. I remember her doing cross stitch when I was a kid, as well as painting, and sewing clothes (something I didn’t appreciate back then, but now understand the love and hard work that went into each garment), among other things. She’s the type of crafter who goes all in, when she discovers something she enjoys (at one point, she created a ton of aprons and another time it was bags, bags, and more bags). Right now she’s into diamond art. It wasn’t until I wrote those last few sentences that I saw the similarities between our crafting styles. For a while there, I was all about my Silhouette machine, then it was bath and body projects, and now I am all quilts, all the time (with some machine embroidery thrown in for good measure) :grin:.

@Abbeeroad and @AntBee, the attention to detail often adds a decent amount of time to most of my crafting endeavors, but in the end, I’m usually happy with the results (I just wish everything didn’t always take me forever, lol). Also, Abbie, thank you so much for featuring my project!

ETA - my attention to detail kicked in a little late when it came to the backing. It wasn’t until I had quilted the whole thing and was about to add the triangles (using the tutorial that @MistressJennie shared for using a yardstick to hang a wall quilt), that I realized I had put my backing on upside down :woman_facepalming:. Lol.


Love it! And I’m glad to hear your dad is home now and doing well!

I can relate to this so much. I feel like the world’s slowest crafter sometimes :joy:


So glad to hear your dad is doing well! Hooray!

It’s funny that you realized your crafting habits are similar to your mom’s. They do say most of us are destined to become our parents, in one way or another. My mom used to hole up in her craft room for days on end, and had a closet full of WIPs, so I guess that tracks for me, too!

Congrats on the feature; it’s well-deserved.

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I love this! I need this in my house! The upside down back just makes it more unique.

Glad your dad is doing better.


The squares accented by the organic quilting really makes this piece. So pretty.

Sending well wishes to your family as your dad recovers!

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It’s nice to hear I’m not alone :smile:.

Thank you so much, your kind words brought a big smile to my face :smiling_face:.

It kind of fit in with the theme, I saw it and thought ‘oh well, it’s too late to fix that and there’s no sense dwelling on that mistake,’ so I kept on crafting :smiling_face:.

I love this quilt design and I really like having a tool that lets me get all the quilting lined up perfectly. The clear blue tiles are such a simple concept, but they made a huge difference in my embroidery machine quilting game!


It’s such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I hope your dad is recovering well, that would have been so scary!

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Thank you! He is recovering nicely, but my mom ended up catching Covid during his hospital stay and it has hit her hard. So now they’re both home resting and taking it easy.

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Such a beautiful piece! And the sentiment is my mantra! Sending a stranger’s good wishes for a full recovery to your dad!

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