50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

It’s the best place on the whole entire internet, seriously. Some of us have been crafing together for 15+years! New friends are always welcome with open arms and the encouragement & support is just lovely. There’s no BS, selling, snark (unless it’s a snarky project, lol), just friendship & sharing.

Keeping a record like this is so motivational! Check out @AIMR 's list from last year for example. Just seeing it all lined up like that is an amazing reminder of all you’ve accomplished. Often it’s way more than you thought!


I interrupt this normally scheduled programing to announce…it’s time to VOTE for our current challenges!!

Green Holiday Greens

Great Lettuce Craft Bake Off!

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It really is nice for looking back over your projects. You can set it up however you like, change it over time, etc. We all have our own style. For me, I like to make a topic in the relevant section first, such as a crocheted toy, for example. Then I add that project to my list here along with a link to the topic and a thumbnail image. If it was something I didn’t make a topic for I still add it with a thumbnail but no link. It can get a bit unweildy by the end of the year but I still like it for looking back.
Here’s my list from last year.

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Seeing your list makes me want to dive head first into all my batik scraps!!!


Seeing others’ lists is really a window into the broad world of making and makers. Some crafters are mostly committed to the one medium in its various methods (yarn, for instance), some really like a particular form but with a big variety of media (assemblage, say), some are expert in a couple-few things, and some dabble in all manner of media and forms. It’s wondrous to see the ways a creative mind can work differently than your own!


I did not keep track of my projects in 2022 and I would like to change that this year. It’s so nice to be able to look back and see all the things I’ve done. Thank you @AIMR for setting up this craftalong!

No projects completed


  1. Quilty car decal

  2. Quilt/sewing/maker stickers

  3. Valentine cake pops for my love

  4. Craft More, Worry Less quilt

  5. Craft More, Worry Less quilt label


  1. Wildflower Wallet

  2. Mug Rug for swap with Kwality570


  1. Dinosaurs in Space - Raglan Tee

  2. EQ8 Cup of Cheer quilt design

  3. Label for bee collage

  4. Finally finished my bee collage (binding and back pockets)

  5. Fat quarter pop up

  6. Fabric scissors sheath

  7. Paper scissors sheath


  1. Sera shirt for Josh’s bday

  2. Smaller Sera shirt for when he loses weight

  3. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

  4. Dark Chocolate Oreo Truffles

  5. Holly Jolly quilt label


  1. Basic lip balm
  2. Activated charcoal face soap

22.Tamanu oil lip balm

  1. 8th & Ocean cold process soap

  2. White chocolate peanut butter cups for Father’s Day

  3. Label for Charlotte’s I-Spy quilt

26. Purrmaid pillow

  1. Machine embroidered lace bats

28. Back to School Chalkboard

29. Sewing machine watercolor

30. I’ll Be In My Office wall hanging

WIPs/UFOs to finish (come on, part of the work’s already been done, just get going and finish it!):

  1. Candy Corn Quilt Shoppes
  2. Bind and label my bee collage quilt
  3. Bind and label Holly Jolly quilt
  4. Bind and label Skittles quilt
  5. Bind and label Morewood Mystery Quilt
  6. Better Gnomes and Gardens quilt
  7. Hocus Pocus quilt
  8. Quilt Pockets
  9. Quilt and construct Sew collage bag
  10. Sunshine mosaic

Projects I would love to create in 2023:

  1. LittleBookLover’s I-Spy quilt
  2. Charlotte’s I-Spy quilt
  3. Diva Frame wallet
  4. Purse from MSQC kit
  5. Scrappy Circles wall hanging
  6. Mosaic bear ornament
  7. Decal for car
  8. Quilt stickers
  9. Quilt shirt
  10. Raglan shirt(s) for LittleBookLover
  11. Vinyl bag for Stripology ruler
  12. Quilt from one of the kits I already have
  13. Panel quilt
  14. Patchwork sashiko
  15. Coasters for apartment
  16. Black cat on brick wall Halloween quilt
  17. Bowl cozies
  18. Bomber jacket for LittleBookLover
  19. Watercolor sewing machine kit
  20. Craft More, Worry Less wall hanging
  21. Quilt More, Worry Less wall hanging
  22. Finished is Better than Perfect wall hangings
  23. Moda Love wall quilt
  24. Scissor basket
  25. Felt Christmas trees for bathroom counter
  26. Christmas pillow covers from curtain fabric
  27. Christmas canvases to match shower curtain (holly jolly + one more)
  28. Christmas gift bags with panel fabric
  29. Christmas kitchen towels with embroidered snow globes
  30. Embroidered bathroom towels with tree border in shower curtain colors

Welcome! Always nice to see another Aussie joining this awesome community! :koala:

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The year is off to a good start - I finally finished up my first knit sweater, and I whipped up a couple rosaries from stash. I have so many big projects to do this year that I’m sure I’ll go mad if I don’t pepper in some short and satisfying projects along the way.


Those rosaries are lovely!

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Thank you! I didn’t have enough eye pins for full five decade rosaries, but then I remembered that singles were a thing, and I had supplies for those!



I am going to try this, and see if it helps me get my projects done, and helps me use my stash. I am trying to avoid swaps & focus on clearing these things out of my brain! This year is all about getting these nebulous ideas all the way to reality! Many things on this list will not make sense, it is from a game or a book. There is no way I will do all these but it helps to see it all listed out in one place as I have ~10 different lists of projects to combine here. :slight_smile:

“Hope to do” List

Manta mobiles (day & night versions)
Walking Sky crab
Flapping mobile
Aubrey/Maturin scenes
S&A scenes
Outer space projects
Mr Jones embroidered portrait
Vintage linens curtains for bedroom & office
Craft room & office
Reading corner
Bookshelf nook
Repair Christmas banner
All the tea wallets!
Tea cozies
Living room curtains & rods
Bedroom curtain “wall” for serious air conditioner season (makes my bedroom smaller & easier to cool)
Repair advent ornaments
Mini door
Felt birds & small day mantas for a wall hanging
Vinyl jellyfish
Krill with light
Towel cubbies
Cat ships
And others to be added….

Done List


Love the green in that sweater

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Me, too! I will have to think of a project with that green and grey…the combo is lovely!

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It’s actually brown. The Cascade colors are: Moss, Olive Heather, Doeskin Heather, and Walnut Heather.

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Even nicer! I like that foresty range…grieges, brays, grauns, lol


I’m hopping in. I don’t post a lot of my craft projects because I think they are the dreaded “not good enough”. I’m feeling pretty comfortable with this spot.

This year I will make:
:heavy_check_mark: greeting cards
:heavy_check_mark: ATCs
Halloween chunky houses
oh, and I would like to do the Alisa Burke classes that I purchased months ago
library geocache
:heavy_check_mark: knitted scarf
a tiny sweater for my husband
science the candy corn rat amigurumi
breezy bee amigurumi
make cotton scarves into skirt
turn AIMRs fish tins into xmas dioramas
the 31 days of halloween advent calendar
wrap headphones with embroidery floss
:heavy_check_mark: wrap top of big headphones with purple hand-dyed bulky yarn
make chocolate bunny flag (see post I made)
:heavy_check_mark: knit and felt a cat cave
make beaded stag beetle brooch
make beaded owl brooch
rainbow plastic outdoor bead hanger x2
:heavy_check_mark: amigurumi
prayer flag for Laura for xmas
turn pretty yarn into baskets?
:heavy_check_mark: make Pride wreath
use paper bits to make masterboards esp. halloween
ravelry projects!
Scrap bracelets by kittykill
gelli printed Halloween cards, stamped
:heavy_check_mark: cross stitch for swap
Iowa quilt block pillow for ma
Great pumpkin stamp
Gathered skirt using the kawaii fabric I bought
fabric gift bags for chrismukkah, see magpie’s tut

  1. ATC themes: Momiji Doll, Ami Nekota, fortune cookie, sock cactus, Victorian imagery, Inspirobot quote, Katamari Damacy, dogs, Scottish thing, houseplants (3), TBD, Hello Kitty, one of my own themes, Momiji doll, draw your day, Alice in Wonderland, map, pez dispenser, thing painted on stone, pi(e), zombie apocalypse, Barbie, animals,

  2. Church of the Crystal Skull inspired rainbow scarf

  3. Set of six Vintage-y Cat Valentine Cards for my LC peeps

  4. Set of seventeen Valentine cards for family and friends

  5. Adventure Time valentine featuring Lemongrab
    (no pic, for husband’s eyes only)

  6. Catloaf valentine for my only son (later, whiskers were added)

  7. A needlefelted cat reading a book

  8. set of three knitted yellow washcloths for upstairs guest bathroom

  9. set of three knitted grey washcloths for basement guest bathroom

  10. Sixteen simple St. Patrick’s Day cards for family and friends

  11. Needlefelted Hello Kitty

  12. Crocheted Lemon Bee

  13. Sets of knitted washcloths for family or friends

  14. Knitted and felted cat cocoon/cave

  15. Amigurumi alien

  16. Amigurumi cthulhu

  17. Rainbow Love door-hanger

  18. Bulky yarn-covered over-the-ear headphones

  19. Prairie Schooler Halloween cross stitch

  20. Halloween gelli-printed cards

Amigurumi leshy

Amigurumi kraken

Amigurumi werewolf


Your chunky houses are awesome!!!

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Aw, thank you. I enjoy making them every year.

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Good way to get back on track:
2023 Completed Projects by Month


  1. Loom Bracelets (with Daughter
  2. Native American Village (with Son - School Project)