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Please post pictures of the wonderful swap goodness you’ve received in this thread :smiley:

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I received a really cute package from Kittykill today. I got a vintage Batman cross stitch and two cute harry potter towels.

They are so adorable! Thanks! I love everything!


Oh my goodness! How adorable :smiley: Amazing stitching as always @kittykill

That batman cross stitch is wonderful!

The Harry Potter owls are just so darn cute…

Guess we know what your collectables are! lol

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I love the cross-stitch and towels. So cute!

I received a lovely package from @Dfabbric today! Canadian post was super speedy for once.

Behold the the gorgeous notebook and coaster she made me! I looooooooove them!


Glad you like everything
FYI I work at Canada post,
what do you mean for once🤣

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Bwahaha! Usually Canadian package take weeks to reach me. I just blamed international mail but perhaps it’s a personal vendetta from the powers that be.

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I received an absolutely beautiful package from @Dfabbric!!!

I love all things mid century modern, atomic symbols etc and these are AMAZING!!!

The pouch is wonderful! All embroidered in a rainbow of colors.

The fabric bowl is amazing!!!

And my children have laid claim to the sour patch kids!!!

Thank you so much I absolutely love it all!


We got this cute package from @Dfabbric yesterday! There’s a korak (my child watched some ridiculous number of Zelda Breath of the Wild playthrus last summer & hidden koraks became sort of a family joke) and some doll clothes for Monster High:

Turns out some of them are stretchy enough for the Barbie-shaped Disney princesses, too!


Such cute doll outfits!! Ombre stockings?

I received the most wonderful package today!!

@Bugaboo ran with my Red Riding Hood theme and sent me the most amazing crafts!

This AMAZING tile. I LOVE this :grinning::heart_eyes::star_struck:

And check out this wonderful cross stitch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just love cross stitch! @Bugaboo even sent along this darling little easel for me to display it on.

Thank you so very much, I love what you made for me :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Yay so happy it arrived!!!

Beautiful…and what a novel way to display a cross-stitch!

We need details on how the tile is done…it is striking!

It was a combo of some found clip art and then a translated quote and me pulling it together how I wanted it to look. Cut on Matte HTV and applied. Totally usable with the HTV as well just no soaking or dishwasher (also has felt pads on the back so don’t really want to put those in water anyways)


I really like the tile too! Might have to do that for a gift sometime! And you totally made me want to get a little easel for cross stitch displays.

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Its a dark gloomy day here and it was snowing this am UGH so this was a bright surprise @veghorsegirl package was delivered to me and OMG!!!

Wrapped up so cute

And, this is too funny and spot on!

2 super cute seed pots with macrame hangers (which a card stated would be cute for air plants but, air plants come to hospice in my home an are not with us long, however, there are other uses!!!)

Adorable little charms no bigger than a pinky nail! and some super colorful embroidery floss wooden beads and candy.

Thank you so much I adore it all!!


I received from @momiemae. She made me the sweetest signs for that showcases my love of puppies. I collect all sorts of dog things (ceramics, books, toys, dogs…)

She didn’t stop there-she showered me with wonderful summer/pink/beachy stuff. Lots of stickers, a keychain and journals.

Thank you so much for all the goodies and thank you to @PrincessP for hosting.


What I received from @momiemae, sorry I totally forgot! Love these signs, perfect for my halloween kitchen, though when we hung above the bed the one for my son he insisted I hang the witch one above my bed. Davey loved getting a present! Tha k you so much!


Awesome! I am glad you liked everything! Did the cup make it okay? I was afraid it would break during shipping.