Craft This In Your Style - LC Edition

I forgot too! Too busy birding, just like @Lynx2Lancer :smiley:

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Me, too! I don’t have a legit excuse, really. Just easily distractible.

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Same! Time got away. And this one was a little harder for me to wrap my head around for some reason.

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I started, just haven’t had time to finish. Maybe Monday since it’s a bank holiday.

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It’s camping season so we’re just so busy. I can craft more in the fall.

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I’m going to join in next month when it’s a portrait :hugs:

Well. I don’t know if this is my style exactly but I did something lol. Fun to play! At least I found a use for the millions of printed pictures my girls have taken since they got cameras at Xmas!

I tried using stickers to mask the stars in the background and it was only semi-successful. Hence the weird shapes in the sky. :laughing:

I might cut it up again and reuse pieces…we’ll see.


Ok. I couldn’t imagine not participating but I haven’t had a lot of time to make things these days so I sketched this out real quick. It was a little more complicated for me so I tried to keep it simple. Hence the stick figures. And when it came to adding color I kept it in my current color obsession (which my atc swappers might recognize) BLUE!

Edit…. Not sure why I thought there was water under the air balloon. Lol. Maybe that’s the Puget Sound?!?


It looks awesome! Love the stick figure look!

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You guys are spurring me on. I need to put this on my (ever growing) list of things to try to accomplish this weekend! The pieces so far are amazing and I love how both pieces are more in your own style instead of re-creating the art. Fantastic!


These are both fantastic!! I keep meaning to get started on my idea and hAve yet to do so!

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Those are both so wonderful in so many ways! I keep forgetting to do this, and doubt I’ll be able to by the end of the month, because we have several end-of-June birthdays in the family, and I’m busy with those. But I’ll try!

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Here’s mine. I had done most of it earlier in the month and finished up today.

The buildings are cardboard from old packaging glued down. I used acrylic paints, stablio all pencils, neocolors.

The stars are a stamp from @Bunny1kenobi

The dog has a slight pattern on it but doesn’t show up on the pic


Love it!

These all look great!

This turned out awesome, @geekgirl! Glad you like the stamp, too!

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I like to make these in atc size!

I decided to get into my masterboard stash that I received in swaps for the buildings. Map for background. # 9 from masterboard. The balloon is a coffee filter colored in marker and spritzed with water. (Good way to teach kids about Dale Chihuly).

As you can see, I also decided to reverse the design.

I added some Sharpie detail to the building masterboards as well.


looks great! and the map background is such fun!