Creature Comfort Stuffie Swap Gallery

You’re so welcome! Yes they are balloons! We used bamboo skewers to hold them up but they broke before they could go in the box. I thought they’d also make fun kitty toys if you wanted :slight_smile:


SO CUTE!!! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

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Well good luck with that. We have a cat that can levitate to the top of 7 foot bookshelves. We still aren’t sure how.

But the ocean goodies are so fun. From the Orca to the little fishies swimming in the sea. and that oyster!


Orca is built like a bulldog so no leaping for him, and Oyster never makes it past the temptation of the sock drawer. :wink:


My amazing creature has come from @artsycandice! I had rabbits and sugar skulls on my list of things that I enjoy, and BOY, did she deliver! BEHOLD:

The level of detail blows me away. I love the strange, fantastic proportions, and the dramatic posing, and the massive floppy ears (I’ve always been partial to lops). :two_hearts: :star: :heart_eyes:

All the painted details are beautifully precise and symmetrical!

I love her strange, pointy hands–they remind me of a praying mantis somehow.

And to give you all an idea of scale, here she is draping herself over an entire chair–like she owns the place! :laughing:

I am overwhelmed with how much effort and time and skill must have gone into this amazing bunny. Thank you SO MUCH, artsyCandice! She’s amazing and I love her! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Thanate – Your rose-breasted grosbeak turned out amazing. The little red spot looks like he is wearing a bandana. It’s so cute.

@lilyleaper – The whale is too cute! I love him pudgy little body and bright, fun color. The balloons on him are so whimsical and adorable! The oyster is crazy great too. Perfect for her little Oyster.
And @QueenHobo , your babies are purr-fect. They look like they think they deserve those toys. Ha!

@artsycandice – Wowza! The rabbit is absolutely stunning. I love all the details down to the yellow buttons on the knee joints. Stunning!


Amazing lop-ear! The details are so perfect and the size is big enough to give you a big hug. Comfort indeed.


I totally see a praying mantis too in the way the hand is held! So much incredible detail, indeed.


I received from @Pookie today!

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is probably my favorite Studio Ghibli film and I’ve been wanting a Nausicaa plush for a while. I feel like we were also both on the same wavelength with our themed candy choices!

I love her little dress and the crochet hair. I’ve never seen hair done like that before, I like how it gives the hair some volume/body. (And yes that is a Ghibli pillow on my sofa).

Now I just need to do some plush rearranging so she can sit on my desk with the Ohmu I got from a previous swap.


You’re right, that hair is wonderful!

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So cute and that smile. And the hair. Wonderful.

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I have not seen that movie. She is so very cute. I admire those who can crochet amigurami. I love her. :heart:

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Give it a watch if you get the chance :blush: It definitely has a more adult story than some of Studio Ghibli’s other projects. There are some pretty disastrous dubs/cuts of it from the 80s around but the Disney release/dub is the full film and has the option to also just watch it in the original Japanese with subtitles.

Man, I am behind! So many amazing stuffies of all sorts have been showing up the past few days! I can’t comment on them all right now, but I’ll say: good work, everybody! It’s cool to see such a variety of creations!

Also, I am a big dummy and forgot to post the little extra that @roler included for me: in going through some of her grandma’s things, she found two of these patterns; she kept one for herself and gifted me the other!


Oh I’m glad you have an Ohmu!! This pattern included one but you said you didn’t want extras and I didn’t know if you would think it was extra so I ended up not doing it, lol.

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I received from @EriChanHime today. I met the postman at the door and opened it immediately.

This is Harold. He has strong opinions about being shoved into a little box…

He is so darn cute. I love him!

My partner noticed that I love Barn Owls. :heart: He is no exception. But, there’s more… when you hold him in your hand he has a wonderful weight to him. That’s right, he’s filled with a tushy of rice and is a hand-warmer!! Awwww!!! I’ll have him feeling all warm and fuzzy in no time. :heart::heart: Thank you so much.


Harold is so cute. I love his determined expression… and his bum hole! Bahahaha!


Right? I think it’s her signature but the placement just gave me a chuckle. lol :smirk::grin:


Love the tail end. I love owls to and this one is so perfect in size, cuteness, and hand comfort. Well done.


That face! So disgruntled but so smooshy cute!