Crochet fabric cup and a bonus coaster

For the Colour in a Box swap, Jemimah said she needed a jar or cup for her art space, to put paintbrushes and/or pens in. I saw a few fabric cups on her pintrest and thought I would give fabric rope a try.

To further add to the highlight the colours that Jemimah chose, I crocheted the cup with two different coloured cottons.

Not having tried this technique before, I had a few goes at getting the base sorted and then going up the sides, I had to make the stitches tight enough that the cup would stand (and hold its intended contents), but also not make it completely crochet stitches, so the fabric rope could be seen.

I think there was a nice balance in the end. (And I hope the wonkiness gives it some charm :grimacing:)

As I also had some rope leftover, I made a coaster to match for Jemimah’s beverage of choice to sit upon!


cute pieces and a cool technique I haven’t seen before.

Hmmmm…If you can crochet rope into a project, what else could you use?


Very clever! I love it; those colors are fabulous!

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What a nifty technique! I love the little warble in the cup - loaded with charm!

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Love these colors! And I especially love the thoughtfulness that went into this project. Lovely.

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Thanks all!

I combined two techniques I found when looking for ideas and tutorials.

I couldnt sew the fabric rope (at least I couldn’t figure out how) with my machine, since it was a cup, opposed to a bowl or flat object. I also saw tutorials where you had natural coloured cotton rope and then crocheted tight and close, using the crochet cotton as the colour of the bowl, etc. But since I wanted to show off the colour of the fabric rope I had made, I needed to space out the crochet a bit, but still make it sturdy. It was a cool (but slightly frustrating) experiment that I really liked and I’m happy Jemimah did too!

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Ooh those are so pretty! Great color choices.

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