50 Projects, Let's Do This! 2022


163. 12/30/22 Art Journal Zoom

162. June 22 Quilt BOM

161. Nov 22 Quilt BOM

158.-160. Dec 22 Quilt BOM

157. Aug 22 Quilt BOM

156. Yellow Button Hoop

155. Red/Cream Grand Teton hat

154. Greeting cards for FB Swap

153. Green/rose Grand Teton hat

152. Crochet baubles (3)

151. Holiday crochet ornaments

150. E’s Pizza Party Surprise - felt kit

149. Orange and black necklace
147.-148. Holiday dioramas using LC Edtion prompts

146. Peace embroidery

145. Memory wire bracelet #2

144. Pink Pompom Hat

143. Deck jewelry/suncatcher thing
142. Tussy mussy bracelet for me

141. Purple Kobi knit hat

140. Red Lyra crochet hat

137.-139. Bag Charms

136. Matching Jewelry to recycled sari skirt

135. Sewing Machine chair makeover

134. YouTube Video small double coin purse

133.Positive Affirmation Swap with kittykill

132. Positive Affirmation Swap with Imera-Interchangeable Flag

131. Zoom Art 10/16/22

130. Mushroom Fabric Basket with pockets

129. Yin/Yang Cats Embroidery

128. Oct 22 Quilt BOM

127. Acorn mugrugs/coasters

126. Needlebook Prize

125.Turquoise Fingerless gloves with arched thumb gusset

124. July 22 Quilt BOM

123.Sept 22 Quilt BOM

122.Candy Corn patchwork Pillow

121.Red and Green Stockings for cats

120.Nugget Portrait for Humane Society Charity

119.Purple Baby afghan

118.Shark Birthday Card

117.Zoom Art 9/4/22

116. Miscellaneous Doodles

115. Flower Class #25 - Transform Blobby Flowers with Details

114. Flower Class #5 - Finger Painted Flowers
113. Flower Class #4 - Brushstroke Roses

112. Flower Class # - Abstract Flowers
111.Flower Class #19-Fill Space with Layered and Petal Flowers

110. Flower Class #18-Layered Petal Flowers

109. Flower Class #17-Petal Flowers

108. Flower Class #7

107. Flower Class #3

106. Mastersheet Postcards #2

105. Mastersheet Postcards #1

104. Flower Class #2

103. Flower Class #1

102. Doodle Class #30

101. Doodle Class #29

100. Doodle Class #28

99. Doodle Class #27

98. Colorwash Afghan

97. Tie Dye T-shirts
96. Doodle Class #26

95. Doodle Class #25

94. Doodle Class #24

93. Doodle Class #23

92. Doodle Class #22

91. Doodle Class #21

90. Doodle Class #20
89. Doodle Class #19
88. Doodle Class #18

87. Doodle Class #17

86. Doodle Class #16

85. Doodle Class #15

84. Doodle Class #14

83. Doodle Class #13

82. Doodle Class #12

81. Doodle Class #11

80. Doodle Class #10

79. Doodle Class #9

78. Doddle Class #8

77. Doodle Class #7
76. Doodle Class #6

70. - 75. Handmade Book #1-#5

69. Zoom lesson 7/31/22

68. doodle Class doodles - Day 5

67. Doodle Class doodles - Day 4

66. Doodle Class doodles - Day 3

65. Taster’s week art lesson-Pamela Vossler
64. Doodle Class doodles-Day2

63. Doodle Class doodles-Day 1

62. Luggage Tags, Fodder School #6

61. Paper Weaving, Fodder School #4

60. Peace Catcher, Fodder School #1

59. Lots of watercolor fodder

56.-58. Masterboards from travel brochure

55. Zoom art 6/26/22

54. Gelato note cards

53. Oct 21 Fodder School Fodder Keeper notebook

52. Oct 21 Fodder School fodder–watercolor florals, leaves, mushrooms

51. June embroidery–Everyday Items

50. Basket made with vintage embroideries and fabrics

48.-49. Felt Mermaids

44.-47. Felt Sea Life Creatures

43. Crochet hook markers

43. Baby Quilt top

42. May Stitchalong

41. Green/burgandy necklace

40. Royal Star BOM with RWB

39. Apr 22 Quilt BOM

38. Mar 22 Quilt BOM

37. Feb 22 Quilt BOM

36. Scrappy notecards

35. Guitar fabric pouch
34. Zoom Art 5/22/22
33. May 22 Quilt BOM

32. Jan 22 Quilt BOM

31. Table runner using BOM 2021

30.Faux Rice Paper (several sheets!)

29.Frog fabric coasters

28.Frog fabric basket

26.-27.Sample fabric pouches

20.-25.Tags 5-10
19.Repair Jim’s cutoff shorts (no Pic)
18.Wrap around pants

14.-17.Tags 1-4
13.Carrying Bag for drum circle stands
12.Guitar Cover
11.Red trio necklaces

10.Evil Eye Necklace

9.Buddha necklace

8.Crossbody Bag

6.-7.Pouches (2) -forget picture of blue one

5.Key Fobs

4.Aboriginal Designed Fabrics Frankenbag

3.Harbour Blanket

2.Orange Button Hoop

1.Purple Button Hoop


Reserved for special projects and features

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YEY! I’m so glad to see this so soon! THANK YOU, @AIMR !

I generally only have a few goal-goals for crafting-by-the-year so I will list those, but I will also use this topic as a way to catalog actual finishes throughout the year. Most, but not all, finishes will have their own Topic in the forum. Some things I consider a finished project in terms of my sense of accomplishment, I don’t consider “worth” making a Topic for, such as stages of larger projects, quick little inside joke projects, a project that gets repeated on a schedule or as-necessary.

A few things I would like/should do in 2022 are (some are there from last year!):
Built-in bookcases
Living room decor update
Tiny paper houses
Haunted Bathroom diorama
Redo cedar closet
Nicho/shadowboxes/shrine “blanks” to use up scrap wood
Fabric bucket for woodstove paper
Jewelry Xmas Tree (flat or 3D?)

The things I actually do/make will go here : WARNING: THERE COULD BE UNBLURRED PHOTOS THAT ARE NSFW


  1. Mini Grungy Towel

  2. Pillow Cover

  3. Room shell for diorama

    I’m going to keep counting sections of this larger project as their own completed projects.

  4. Grapefruit Poppyseed Cake

  5. Tiny, Stained Bathmat

  6. Masterboards


  1. Earl Grey Cardamom Shortbread

  2. Mini framed cross stitch

  3. I Pine For Thee

  4. Star Box Card

  5. Interior for diorama alllllll but ready for contents

  6. Thank you notes


  1. Hand Mixer Storage Bands

  1. Sweet-hot Pickled Jalepeno Pepper Deviled Eggs

  2. Poseable skellies

  3. Cedar Closet Update/Reconfiguration

  4. Mug Cupboard, add two shelves

  5. Dog Bed Insert

  6. Make a Wish Matchboxs

  7. Schmawzalotl


  1. Embellishments

  2. Cording

  3. Throw pillow covers

  4. Matchbook Notepad/giftcard Holder

  5. Tee shirt quilt

  6. Peggy’s Hat

  7. Peggy’s card

  8. ATC & ATCoin Boxes

  9. Mother’s Day card with box

  10. Mixer Strap for Erin


  1. Distressed mirror/framed book covers

  2. Post-run Towels

  3. Snow White Treat Box

  4. Another stupid mask, didn’t photograph


  1. Refinish plain frame

  2. Repurposed Vintage Table Runner Pillow

  3. Pam’s Cross Stitch Pillows

  4. Thank Yous

  1. Erin’s Pillow

  2. Tara of Cleavers Frame

  3. Gallery Wall

  4. Wood Mounted Tiles

  5. Switch plate

  6. Copper Mirror

45. Xmas Card Book

  1. Boston baby card

  2. Sealing Wax Storage Pouch

  3. Illyrian Onesie

  4. Camp Stamp Embellishments

  5. Bigfoot Shelf

  6. Post-it Matchbooks

  7. Stampy stamps

  8. Illyrian Throne

  9. Journal Book Plate

  10. A/C Block-thingie
    (no photo - just a nicer-than-before wooden piece to fit above the window air conditioning unit.

  1. Window shade
    LibraryWindowShade01 LibraryWindowShade02

  2. Embellishments

59. Test Tombstone ATCs


  1. Chg of addy postcards

  2. Blank Notes

  3. A couple of boring masks which I did not photograph, because meh.

  4. Halloween Pillowcases!!!

  5. Spoon Pillowcases

  6. Potty Skellie Repaint

  7. Cheeseburger Cupcakes

  8. Cookie Label & Recipe Copies for Sue’s Memorial

68. Mix n Match Bold Type Sentiments

  1. Tombstone ATCs

  2. Woodshed floor

  3. Scaredy Cat Wrapping
    no pics

  4. Gin labels

74, Coin pouch
No pics

  1. A’s birthday gift bag

  2. Fixed skull light plug

  3. Gin


  1. Moth Cross Stitch

  2. pro/CON Notebook

  3. Witch Hat Treat Boxes

  4. Replace table saw plug

  5. Carla Halloween Card

  6. Bat Repaint

  7. Sol’s Matchbox

  8. Skull candy cane

  9. Carla’s Matchbox

  10. Bat Rack

  11. Thanksgiving stamp cards


87. Evil eye canes

  1. Mushroom Wreaths

  2. Xmas Cards

  3. Banner and “sign” for Etsy sale

  1. Mavis’s turkey legs

  2. Mason Shaker Cards

  3. Gift boxes for nieces

  4. Coin Envelopes for Sally & Tom

  5. Banner & Sign for Etsy Sale

  1. Sitter Boxes

97. Secret Calendars

  1. 1-6 pkg

  2. Secret book

  3. Wee Maude

  4. Tarot Cloche

  5. 2023 Ornament Tag

  6. Beth’s Tag

  7. Sign and banner for Etsy sale

  1. Shake It Like A Snow Globe Cover

  2. Hankie and Lace Pillow Cover

  3. Vase Band

  4. Wreath

  5. Nightshirt and cap

  6. BF Shaker Card Thank Yous

  7. Spice Tin Assemblage

XXX. Santa Globe
Fabric bucket
Kitty Sewing thing for Sandy

  1. A Marbled Pair of Hummingbirds
  2. Julian and Tia Animal Crossing Painting
  3. Watercolor Egg Atcs
  4. Assemblage Art
  5. Scrappy Watercolor Earring and Necklace, plus magnets!
  6. 4x6 Carved Floral Block
  7. Unloved Masterboard into tons of bottlecap magnets…and mini envelopes
  8. Metallic Galactic Watercolor Mini Envelopes
  9. Abstract Watercolor Practice – Mini Envelopes, two styles
  10. Watercolor Tree Study Mini Envelopes
  11. Watercolor Atcs

I love this craft along and I’m so excited to see it up already! (And to see your name, too, @AIMR happy new year!)

My hope-to-do list:
Child sweater yearly project, Crochet owls, Dog sweater crochet, Project keeper footstool, Nana knitting bag, Christmas Countdown Calendar, House elf ornament, knitted dolly (with clothes or topsy-turvy maybe), House shaped tissue box cover, Reusable party decorations, storage for Small Bee’s numerous toys and activities, Fork and Spoon, wall decor prints framed, Chair socks, easter eggs, easter basket, Needle Minder kit, Star Wars kit, candle mat kit, Gnome kit, turtle kit, Christmas socks, circus mouse, Mouse friend, craft space created, Family Yearbook, kid’s personal Yearbook, Mando/Grogu ornament, Coffee Press Cozy, something to use the Puffin Rock Patches, rabbit or dog ears hat, FPY used up, Activity kits for clubhouse, button garland, bedroom buntings, Crochet Mama and Papa Puffin,
Sophie Mouse’s friends
My completed projects list: (25/50)
January: crochet owl, Fingerless gloves, second owl, sock puppet, Crochet Hydrangea,
February: Indoor Snow Ball Fight, Paper Valentines, mending,
March: Rag wreath,
April: Fortunes Shawlette, Child’s legwarmers
May: Striped blanket over-winter project
June: (ongoing knit project, not complete)
July: 2 LLama pillows
August: Old Bear rehab, door mat crochet
September: Face Cloth, Thing, Dolly Moses basket,
October: Mug Rug, ghost origami
November: Knit Bear, Entrelac blanket, Husband’s Christmas Socks,
December: Fingerless gloves, Kidlet Christmas socks


I’m in! I have been in a bit of a slump, so I need the inspiration (and accountability!)

What I’d like to achieve!

  • Monopoly quilt for my dad (this one has been planned in my head for years and I almost have all the fabrics I need)
  • Squatter quilt for my mum (an Australian board game, same deal as above)
  • Family tree cross stitch (probably my longest personal WIP)
  • Crochet tunic for my sister
  • Skirts for me
  • quilt for B
  • fix quilt for M
  • dish drying mats
  • pillowcases for boys
  • temperature scarf
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • table runner

What I have completed! (Isn’t that a great word??) :smile:

1 Upcycled market bags
2 Rockpool Crochet Rug

3 & 4 Crochet fabric rope cup and coaster
5 Sparkly Crochet headband

6 pair of kids masks

7 Richie with the ivory!

9-16 Nine striped Christmas in July elf hats

17 Wedding guest fascinator
18 Sydney Harbour Embroidery
19 Frogged shawl with a second life

20 Simple Twine Wreath


So happy to see you @AIMR !!


All right… I’m in. I’m terrible about capturing what I’m making but I will try to start and be more diligent. This is my spot! :slight_smile:


  1. Joy on 4x6 inch paper

Oh yay! I have a cricut now so got some projects I want to do with that plus all my other crafting.


Wonderful to see you @AIMR!! :sparkling_heart:

I’ve started working on my list too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Im in too! Have started writing down some project I want to do in my bujo, but this is better. :slight_smile:

#1 Minecraft Creeper knitted hat
#2 Svira-skirt

#3 Emils socks
#4 Valentines card for Emil
#5 Bird-planet cards (4 of them)
#6 ATC for swaps and myself (6 cards)

#7 Small amigurumi wolf
#8 Small band made with a loom

#9 Small amigurumi bear
#10 Small amigurumi wolf
#11 Impkin, amigurumi
#12 Small knitted crocodile

#13 Pulled pork
#14 Tunisian crochet potholder
#15 Another tunisian crochet potholder
#16 Little Den Bear

#17 Tiny crocodile


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Woot! Posting my list!


Not much done in Feb…

  • I mended a “Gimme Sweater” - already wore it to work!
  • made some more pages in my art journal
  • made one half of the lemon peel sweater, only to realize as I’m making side 2 that I miscounted the rows on the 1st half :upside_down_face:


  • a Sorbetto completed
  • more collage pages in art journal
  • picked fabric and bought matching thread for 2 more sorbetto tops - (Blue & Pink Palm trees, Green and blue hounds tooth - DONE)
  • started goofing around with a sock pattern - not going well
  • wear happy color week all 4 weeks done (orange and yellow were such a stretch. The easy week of Blue and purple was last)
  • mended my Porter Wallet
  • made a scrunchie from the green hounds tooth shirt fabric.
  • made a tote bag from my old Liberty of London Shirt that didn’t fit any more → Posted



  • Sock that got frogged
  • Started a baby blanket
  • Sticker Markers - Posted
  • Polar Bear Laundry Tote - Posted
  • Pin Cushion - Not posted but shared here
  • Plum skirt - posted



  • finished baby blanket for Tov - will post soon (oops)
  • Berry Berry dishcloth - will post soon (oops)


  • earrings
  • coozie for my sodas, crochet
  • corcheted flowers with no intended purpose yet
  • lots of doodles with my new poscas!
  • wrist protector I threw together for husband’s wrist
  • lots of non-crafty things for the husband’s business
  • actually started the new handle for my foldy bike


  • handle for Blurple finished
  • Leafy Scarf
  • extra green washcloth
  • lots of crochet flowers to use for later projects
  • crocheted little holder bowl for loose desk things
  • Plexi covers for our upstairs windows
    *shatter proof film on the downstairs windows


  • Computer rebuiltt
  • Design for a new wrap - half finished in cheap yarn as a test
    *crochet snowflake earrings I need to stick on some ear hooks to call done.


Projects to tackle…


  • topsy turvy sweater - frogged. Didn’t like the stitch for intended purpose. Replacing with:

  • Easy Peasy Lemon Peel Sweater from Heart Hook Home - still don’t like it - too big, frogging again.

  • washcloths (made 1 in lemon peel stitch, made 1 with bobbles)

  • Bavarian blanket (bought yarn)

  • socks… (bought yarn)


  • Skirt in the chinese tapestry I bought years ago
  • totebags (I never have enough)
  • little zipper pouches for organizing my bag
  • (stretch project) make a girlie version of the mission workshop bag I like OR the Porter bag


  • continue art journaling ( started one in November will finish in Feb - oops March)

My first make for the year, these upcycled market bags from dresses. They were a last minute Christmas gift for my Aunty and her wife.


Yeesssss, happy to see both this craft along and @AIMR back for 2022.

Hoping that I’m out of my crafting slump this year and ready to tackle a whole bunch of wip’s

Happy crafting year! :tada:

  1. I started and finished a thing (subject to weaving in ends) #notawip

  2. Happy mail - no pictures :roll_eyes: #notawip

  3. Destash Smurf slipper socks #notawip

  4. 2x inchie dice for swap, again no pictures #notawip

  5. 2x doggie bandanas double sided #notawip

  1. Crochet shawl #notawip

  1. Crochet bowl #notawip

  1. Practice watercolour stuff #notawip

  1. Scrappy beach bag #notawip

  1. 5x microwavable bowl holders #notawip

  1. 5x quilt blocks for my quilt. Yes this is an actual wip!!!

  2. 2 x denim doggy beds #notawip


Totally wasn’t me checking every couple hours to see if this was up… :wink:

Events at Christmas have pushed us in the direction of moving again at some point in 2022, so I am going to try to keep focus on a smaller group of projects and finish 2 WIPs for every set of new supplies I buy.

The List :
Kitten cross stitch
Green double moss stitch scarf
Green and purple slip stitch shawl
Warm tone crazy quilt purse

Completed: 4/50

  1. Brown latch hook
  2. Redwood tote
  3. Butterfly latch hook
  4. New grocery bag holder

Here’s to a more productive 2022! I turn 50 this year so a project for each year of my life… I can do this!

Fleece dollies
New wallet for moi
Sewing machine cover
Sewing machine mat
Denim and beautiful batik fabric work bag.
“Laughing is the new Crying” flower hoopla

Batik coasters:

Mommy & Me dinosaur bags


Crystal suncatcher, impossible to photograph



Altered a sail. For a boat. No, really.

Batik MAQ

Jersey dress/pattern test for sister

C2C baby afghan for our new cousin. Completed on what would have been Dad’s bday, made for his brother’s grandchild.

Jersey dress/pattern tests for cousin

Mending, mending, and even more mending.

@jemimah 's watercolour class

Bubble pod, figuring out a pattern.

Bird purse

Batik coasters, boxes & mugrugs

Denim & galaxy fabric bag

Wrist pin cushions

Sewing machine pin cushions

Kitty fabric pillow case

Scrappy rainbow heart

More scrappy mug rugs

Eff bomb hanging, Badge, Sweary mugrug & coaster set


Coasters for work mates.

3 Rainbow baby books

Cupcake ring pin cushion

Scrappy tea wallet

Positivity TM patches

More positivity TM patches

Positivity Mushroom Magnets

50 positive affirmation cards

Mother’s Day cards

Masterboard cards

3 dinosaur fabric folding baskets

Violet & dandelion infusions

Positive affirmation patch


Tissue cosy & positive affirmation patch

Masterboard card set

Science fabric pouches, many styles

Mushroom needlebook

Mini multi-pocket pouch

Purse organizer

Many beaded things

Window crystals

Unicorn foldable storage box

Unicorn triple pocket pouch

Unicorn with flowers embroidery

Laminated masterboard bookmarks

Masterboard cards

Felt hedgehog ornament

Felt Patches

Garden Veggie Play Mat

Scrappy fabric book

Garden veggie game pieces

More than 30 fabric shopping bags for donation

Over 20 reversable gift bags.

Very very pink sewing kit

Sewing kit with hexies

cushion covers

Tea towels

Bodum cosy

Quickie curtains for attic sometimes-guest-bedroom

Bag for me

Frikken ridiculous frilly pink apron

Best In Bowl office soup challenge prize

Origami butterfly pouch


January (finished projects: 11) all from stash
2 grocery totes
2 cloth gift bags,
casserole carrier;
2 pillowcases;
cloth catch bin for table.
Pink ruffly blouse (semi-drafted, no shawl collar). It might as well be spring
Stitchalong hoop

February (finished projects: 8)

  1. blue ruffly blouse It might as well be spring .
  2. Drafted shawl collar pattern following How To Draft A Classic Shawl Collar | 2020 Updated Version - YouTube
  3. Made a CYA from an old shirt. CYA blouse extension
  4. Made a blouse from a skirt. Boho tunic
  5. Embellished a blouse I made last year. Embellished tunic
  6. Designed and 3D printed a hub for dominos that includes storage for trains. Shared it on Thingiverse Mexican train hub with storage by steiconi - Thingiverse
  7. Emptied my fabric cabinet, wrestled it from the studio to dining room, and filled it with games.
  8. Assembled and filled new 20-cubby storage unit. It does so count, though the new unit isn’t from scratch.

March (finished projects: 16)

  1. bed pad carrier for sweet sleep on our travels.
  2. went through (almost) ALL of my craft supplies, made some hard decisions.
  3. Pillow carrier
  4. Pregnant curtains
  5. Strung up a whole lotta beads. Bead window hanging
  6. undies
  7. Made earrings from some Peachbloom glass.
  8. pads
  9. Olive green tunic https://forum.lettucecraft.com/t/refashioned-top-top-dress-top-top-top-top
    which includes all the other tops and dresses made this month.
  10. Beige and blue dress
  11. Another green tunic
  12. Hide-a box for passports and such
  13. Beige tunic
  14. Sewing weights filled with high-carb white rice
  15. Table organizer
  16. March stitchalong

YTD 35
April New goal: 30 projects in 30 days. Did it!

  1. prepped supplies for class I’m teaching tomorrow
  2. Designed and 3D printed a base for my new salt and pepper grinders
  3. Paint dyed black and white skirt to black and shades of blue
  4. Taught class
  5. Finished yet another tunic
  6. Dyed a few other black and white fabrics to coordinate with skirt, to use for bodice.
  7. Made a summer nightshirt from stash gauze
  8. Made another one :slight_smile:
  9. And another!
  10. Small crossbody purse for travel. Too small, doubled it. Still too small. Sigh.
  11. Stealth purse to wear under my blouse to hold passport.
  12. Two more stealth purses; #11 was too small, and hubby wanted one.
  13. Simple billfold
  14. Sorted huge gift of beads and findings into my stash.
  15. Crafted a 4-piece thank you gift. https://forum.lettucecraft.com/t/bead-thingies
    50 projects in 100 days!
  16. Visor, drafted pattern and made beige version. Pix of all the visors at Visors 2022
  17. Hawaiian fabric visor
  18. blue and white visor, narrow band
  19. hubby’s visor, narrow band
  20. Mending and alterations
  21. April Stitch Along Let’s Stitch Along to the End of Time! - #1414 by steiconi
  22. Took apart April #10 and turned it into a travelling jewelry keeper.
  23. camera case with cable pocket
  24. Repadded dressform
  25. Draped shoulder princess bodice
  26. Tea dyed fabric for piping
  27. Paint dyed more fabric for piping on another project. Made piping!
  28. Tested and adjusted bodice.
  29. Redyed piping fabric. Made 6+ yards of piping.
  30. Drafted petal sleeve pattern.
    YTD 65


  1. Made a dress using draped pattern, piping, and petal sleeve New techniques! New dress!
  2. Made a new ditty bag Ditty bag using the good stuff
  3. enlarged camera case.
  4. made another nightshirt
  5. designed and 3D printed bramble frame for Sleeping Beauty booknook.
  6. Two more nightshirts
  7. May stitch along On the Road Again
  8. Bead thingies. Bead thingies
  9. Lily Garment bag. DIY Lily Luggage
  10. Lily overnight bag.
  11. Lily pouch.
  12. Electronics case. Bag, case, pouch, ziplock upgrade, whatever you want to call them
  13. TENS machine pouch
  14. Gift earrings. Cheerup jewelry
  15. a billfold
  16. 2 matching bags for razor and foot sander
  17. Another zip pouch out of a pretty scrap that fell off the shelf
  18. 3 drawstring bags for various things to pack
  19. Another garment bag.
  20. Yet another garment bag.
  21. 3 bags to hold games: dominoes (with a Mexican food theme fabric because we play Mexican Train), cards (card/loteria fabric), and Triominoes (rainbow zebras).
  22. 2 drawstring bags for vitamins,
  23. A bag just because the fabric was sitting there,
  24. a large tote to replace the ratty nylon bag for bathroom supplies
  25. A beachcomber tote
    Completed projects: 90


  1. letter L hoop
  2. Tote bag, all hand stitched.
  3. Replaced windbreaker zipper.
  4. New buttons on coat
  5. Silver button display
  6. Flower buttons
  7. Crystal skull
  8. June stitchalong, cat
  9. Button dress
  10. Fleece socks
    ----100 projects!—


  1. July stitchalong, https://forum.lettucecraft.com/t/i-stitched-some-scraps-and-i-liked-it/
  2. altered beachcomber and another tote.
  3. New mat for button dress
  4. Im sure theres more…

YTD at least 103


  1. Scrappy mat for merskelly
  2. Tote bags. At least 3
  3. Loads of small elements for two big projects.


Planned projects: art nouveau bedroom, witch couch, HP book nook. By our mini show in October.
Stitch along projects every month


Still probably going to lurk, but maybe… actually post 50 projects would be a good goal for me.


I’m in again this year. I did not keep up with my list last year though I was crafting all year. Did more than fifty. I’ll try and do better this year.


  1. Lunar Moth art frame
  2. Love Notes Notebox
  3. 8 Layer Mandala
  4. 5 Layer Mandala
  5. Moon Blossom
  6. Charmed I’m Sure
  7. All my resin…so far!

I am in! I don’t have as much space as I used to now that we have moved but I try to fit in as much crafting as I can.