Crochet Shawl-Along

This Crochet Shawl-Along is a place to share your crochet shawls, shawlettes, and wraps of all kinds. Each trimester, we will have a challenge theme to help inspire us to create a new shawl. You are more than welcome to participate in the challenge, or ignore it completely. Not everyone will be inspired by the current theme, and that’s okay. We’re just here to have fun, and create beautiful things.

Why should we all crochet-along our shawls?
To share photos of our work, support one another, and pass on tips & information about patterns! Smiley

Instagram Hashtag
If you’re on Instagram use the hashtag #LettuceCraftSAL to show off you Shawl-Along work.

Links to Shawl Patterns:
Ana Lucia Shawl - Free Pattern
Anna’s Shawl - Free Pattern
Beach Vacation Shawl - Free Pattern
Bella Vita Shawl - Free Pattern
Cakes Two to Tango Shawl - Free Ravelry Pattern
Candy Kisses Triangle Scarf - Free Pattern
Clapochet Scarf/Shawl - Free Pattern
Cockles of My Heart - Free Pattern
Crazy Eights - Free Pattern
Crescent Shawl - Crochet World Magazine, March 2018 (in Jennie’s stash!)
Crochet Between the Lines Shawl - �1 (about $.82 cents)
Daisy Chain Shawl - Free Ravelry Download
Delicate Shells Shawl (Rectangular Wrap) - Free Pattern
Earl Grey Wrap - Free Pattern (w/option for paid ad-free version)
Edlothia Shawl - Free Pattern
Erigeneia Shawl - Ravelry Download
Favorite Guy Reader’s Wrap - In Jennie’s collection
Foxy Loxy Shawl by our own pottermouth - Free Pattern
Fortune’s Shawlette - Free Pattern
Joyful Josie Shawl - Free Pattern
Klaziena Shawl - Free Ravelry Download
Lizard Shawl - Free Pattern
Lost In Time Shawl - Free Pattern
Lunar Crossings Shawl - Free Pattern
Magic Shawl Heaven - Free Ravelry Download
Mezzaluna Shawl - Free Pattern
Mostly Harmless - Free Ravelry Download
Mystic Morning Wrap - Free Pattern
My Story Shawl - Free Pattern
Namaqualand Shawl - Free Pattern
Naturally Southern Scarf (Shawlette) - Free Pattern
Never Ending Shawl - Free Pattern
Pentagon Shawl - Free Pattern
Pom Pom Happiness Shawl - Free Pattern
Quiraing Shawl - Free Pattern
Revival Triangle Scarf - Free Pattern (& Video Tutorial)
Rio Arriba Shawl - Free Pattern
Saffron (Our Mrs. Reynold’s) Shawl - Free Ravelry Download
Secret Paths Shawl - Free Pattern
Seraphina’s Shawl - Free Pattern
Simple Crochet Shawl - Free Pattern
Simple Gradient Triangle Shawl - Free Pattern
Starburst Shawl - Youtube Video Tutorial
Summer Drop Shawlette - Free Pattern (long narrow triangle shape)
Summer Morning Shawl Free Pattern
Sunset Peaks Shawl - Free Pattern
Tango Shawl - Free Pattern
Teal Tenacity Shawl - $5.50
Tea House Wrap - Free Pattern (w/option for paid ad-free version)
Virus Shawl* (see below for chart & video links)
Virus Meets Granny Shawl - Free Pattern
V-Stitch Vortex (boomerang/distorted triangle) - Free Pattern
What You Love Shawl - Free Pattern
Wonder Woman Wrap (Crochet Version) - Free Pattern

Wrap Me in Diamonds Scarf/Wrap - Free Pattern
Yarrow Triangle Scarf - $2.99 (but made for bulky weight yarn!)


:cherry_blossom: Current Shawl-Along Challenge - Spring Cheer :cherry_blossom:
April 2 - July 31, 2020

Our inspiration this time around will be Spring Cheer. You may interpret this theme in many ways, including crafting a shawl in springtime colors, or inspired by the spring flowers in your garden. You may create something in a cheerful color palette, or a shawl to donate to a charity, which will cheer someone who needs it most. Feel free to interpret the prompt however you wish, and most of all, enjoy your crafting time right now.

Fine Print: You may post your finished creations at any time during the term, and you may show off progress pictures at any time. You are allowed to submit as many entries as you wish in the allotted time frame, and you will receive 1 entry into the drawing, per completed shawl.

To submit your project, please use the Header in bold below.

Crochet Shawl-Along Challenge Entry: (Name of Your Shawl)
Pattern Used: (with link, if possible)
Yarn Used:

Prize: This term the prize will be a copy of Delicious Crochet Shawls.

Current Challenge Submissions:

  1. MistressJennie’s Moonstone Amelia Shawl
  2. MistressJennie’s Lotus Blossom Amelia Shawl

Suggestions for future challenges:

  1. Crochet the rainbow
  2. Floral (inspired by a flower, or adding flowers to shawl)
  3. Use a new-to-you yarn type
  4. Specific color/hue
  5. Sparkle or Embellishment
  6. Unusual Shape (beyond the triangle or rectangle)
  7. Using a Free Pattern
  8. Using a Vintage Pattern
  9. Complete a WIP
  10. Use a Single Yarn
  11. Use Two (or MORE) Yarns
  12. Make something for yourself
  13. Make something for charity

Possible Future Prizes: Shawl pins, new hooks, stitch markers, pattern book, yarns, etc.

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Let’s get this Shawl-Along going! These two were finished this term, and were the only entries in our previous home. Let’s see if we can get a few more in by the end of March.

Crochet Shawl-Along Challenge Entry: Calypso Shawl
Pattern Used: Calypso Shawl
Yarn Used: Darn Good Yarn’s Ombre Recycled Silk

Crochet Shawl-Along Challenge Entry: Rainbow Reading Wrap
Pattern Used: Made up my own!
Yarn Used:


Current project: The Klaziena Shawl, made from Scheepjes Whirl in Green Tea Tipple. This is the first 21 rows.

And here’s a better idea of the the yarn color.

Now show me what you are all working on!


Ooh Jennie, your latest is looking gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how the color works up - it looks fantastic!

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Thanks sheep! The yarn is similar to the Lion Brand Wrap Star. With 4 strands in the yarn. One changes color at a time, to create a gradual color shift. But this is a finer weight, and the yarn has a MUCH better twist, so it’s not splitting constantly like the Wrap Star did. So far, I’m really liking it.


@MistressJennie Love the gorgeous colors you selected for the Calypso shawl! And that Klaziena Shawl is looking mighty fine so far!

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Loving your Klaziena, @MistressJennie! Scheepjes Whirl is divine.

Decided today to hop in this term and have chosen (sigh) Mandala Wizard for another Kopf Tuch shawl. One day I shall be through with this Mandala. It is like Tribbles, I tell ya!


Ooh, is that pattern pretty straightfoward @pottermouth? I tried a skully patterned shawl before but gave up after the pattern got a bit more complicated than my brain wanted to process at the time.

Also, I seem to recall a giant shopping bag full of Mandalas. Good luck on trying to rid the house of them :wink:

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The pattern is repetitive and so easy. The designer has also included a chart with the written instructions, which I find more useful. It is a wonderfully written pattern.

Blew thru 3 cakes of Mandala Gnome on a C2C blanket, so I may be down to, uh…4 more cakes??


Huh, that pattern just jumped in my cart and I bought it! I hope I can figure it out because it looks cool but also something that I could maybe handle haha. @pottermouth hold my hand if I need it?

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You bet! (but I think you got this one. just ignore the wonky first pompom that wants to be all weird, you’ll see!)

You mean skip it completely?

No, crochet as the instructions say, just don’t expect the first, second, and third pompom to have any symmetry because they won’t. I have fiddled with this forever and have had to accept it. Drink some wine and it won’t matter.


I have yarn beside the bed for those nights I don’t crash out into unconsciousness immediately after settling in for the night :).

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agreed! i remember fiddling with that part forever. once i got past it, it was better (with some encouragement from @pottermouth). i followed the chart pretty easily as well. that all said, i still have not finished this shawl. it’s on my list though!


Look ma! I’m doing it!


Since this space is new and different, I’m not planning to follow our -Along exactly as it was on Craftster. If, as we go along, you guys decide you want something, such as a master list of free patterns added to the first post, let me know. But for now, we’ll just all see how it goes.

I love that we have a first shawl, started in our new home. Points to sheepBlue!


Looking amazing @sheepBlue! Nice color too.

Mine is okay.


Yours looks great! I’m surprised at how quickly it works up :slight_smile:

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