Oh, I just need ONE more shawl for 2020

Racing to finish up some WIPS before the New Year starts, I had this combo virus/granny shawl about halfway done and decided I just wanted it out of my room!

I had purchased one of those big old yarn cakes online some time ago…not a fan of these thin yarns, but they do make lovely scarves in my warmer location, even if it is just for a few months…

Just wanted to remind everyone that @MistressJennie still runs the Crochet Shawl-along…it is a real motivator to get big projects done and there are loads of patterns! Hope it carries on in 2021!


It’s really pretty. The colors remind me of a mermaid.

The texture and colors are gorgeous. Mermaid is right!

It’s so intricate and beautiful! I love the graduated colors too. I’m amazed by all the work put into it!

It’s gorgeous! The colours are really nice and this pattern is perfect for it.

Soooo pretty! I love the granny combo with the virus. It adds a little more variety and pizazz.

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Wow. Wow.

The colours are so delicious, I am in love with this shawl! Do you remember what the yarn was called? My daughter calls these “gloomy” colours, she loves them too. Just beautiful.

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It is Scheepjes Whirl–the color is called Blackberry Mint Chip. I got it from the Wool Warehouse…they have very reasonable shipping from the UK and are lovely to work with!


Oh, it’s a cotton blend! How was it to work with? I have only ever tried cotton for dish cloths which I’ve found a bit hard on the hands.
The colours in that line are astonishing, so hard to choose a fave! I googled finished products, things made with Jumpin’ Jaffa Pop and Salted Caramel Matcha are incredible. I think that mossy green in your shawl is my fave though.

I am not a fan of these string like yarns…they seem to be better for crochet than knit because they tend to split. I love the colors but I probably won’t buy this yarn again…it is soft but like a lot of cottons, if you relax too much, it changes tension quickly…I would love an alternative.

I have a tendancy to use a smaller hook and crochet tightly, a habit built from making ami. It’s hard on my hands and splitty yarn is uncooperative. Still, that is so lovely and I found a Canadian supplier that has that colourway in stock. I’m super tempted. I’ve been wanting something to keep warm around the shoulders while reading in bed. It doesn’t hurt to look gorgeous at the same time, right? haha.
What size hook did you use, the one called for or…?

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Love these colors!! :heart_eyes:

I love this bruisey colorway so much and the pattern is just gorgeous! Good on you for finishing another WIP before the new year, too!

I used a G…my go-to size…

Thanks everyone…it is easy when the yarn does all the work…lol

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The Crochet Shawl-Along does indeed continue! We took a little time off of challenges, as no one was posting anything to win the draw, but I was hoping to start the New Year with a new challenge theme.

Beautiful work @AIMR!

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Love the colors!

That is gorgeous! Sorry to hear it was so irritating to make.

Such beautiful colors!!

lol It wasn’t terrible…usually if the yarn is fussy, I make an easy pattern…there is some balance that way!

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CONGRATULATIONS! This has been chosen as one of this week’s Featured Projects.