Crocheted Faux Fur Neck Warmer

I finished this about a year ago, but don’t think I ever posted it (forgive me if I did… my memory isn’t the best.)

It is a copy of something I’d been admiring on Pinterest for years. More info on that (as well as a picture of the aspirational piece) here.

For some reason, I decided the gray parts should have a velvety lining, so I stitched that in place after I was done crocheting. (Not a feature of the original inspiration-photo project.)

Although it looks great and feels oh-so-cuddly, it makes the strands too thick to tie in a bow, which was the goal.

At some point, I may re-make it without the velvety lining… or with longer ends… or both. Even so, it is nice and warm and also pretty!

I’m especially pleased that I was able to figure out the pattern.


I prefer it not tied in a bow! It just looks so luxurious! Adding the lining makes it a designer piece as well…completely a fine detail!

The showpiece is the beautiful crochet scarf.

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sooo pretty! Looks like a lot of front post double/treble and puff stitches! I’d make that :smiley:

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This is really quite fetching!

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Very well done and a cozy compliment to any winter outfit!

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Thanks, everyone! The fluffy yarn was a beast to crochet. I’d never tried crocheting with a yarn like that before. It’s impossible to see where the stitches are!

The actual collar is a yarn?

I thought it was fake fur! I have been rummaging around looking for fake fur scraps…well, maybe that is a good thing since I really hate to work with all of those “stitch and hope you got it right” type of yarns!

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Yes, the whole thing is crocheted except for the lining. I used this yarn for the collar part:

But I think it might also be nice to make the collar out of a furry or minky fabric.

Edited to add:
As a reminder for anyone who wants to crochet this, the gray yarn is size 3/light.

And I can dig out my notes for anyone who wants them. Just let me know, @AIMR, @Animegirlie


This is so nice. What a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit! My mind can’t even fathom how you managed to create the whole thing out of yarn. Seriously, this is amazingly impressive and beautiful!