Crocheted Swiffer Duster Cover - revamped

I had originally came up with a swiffer duster crocheted pattern

@AIMR made a great addition but adding extra loops. 2 loops on the ends of each row instead of one.

I have come up with another alternative that I think saves a little time. Instead of loops on each side like this

I made 3 loops per row only on one side. Then made that the front (or back) of the duster.



I like that! It keeps the dust collecting fringe all in one area…yes…and probably keeps the darn thing on the holder better, too…I find myself trying to maneuver the original only to the fringe parts…this solves that…excellent revamp!

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Does it get inside all the slats, well?

I bet its perfect for baseboards!!

I use it a lot for ceiling fans and corners. it would probably depend on your slats. mine are wide and if I opened up the blinds then it would probably work for mine.

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Pillowcases are the best for ceiling fans (assuming you can reach them). I’ve never looked back.

What magic is this?

You slide the pillowcase over the blade, gently sandwich it with your hands, and pull it off. Then move in to the next blade. It captures all the dust in the case, and you just chuck it in the washer!

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I can’t reach and I won’t stand on a ladder…but I know someone who might think this is a better way and do it for me! Thanks!

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That swifter cover looks fantastic. So much surface area!