Crocheted Swiffer Duster cover - F&T 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

I bought a swifter duster a while back so I could dust high places like ceiling fans (in theory). The refills were annoying though. They didn’t always have the holes needed to slide onto the duster stick. And since I’m trying to do my part to be green I decided to crochet some swifter duster covers. The one free pattern I found didn’t make sense and while I’m willing to buy patterns for some things this wasn’t one of them.

I have a bunch of yellow cotton yarn I decided to use for this. And I made my own pattern.

I chained until it was just long enough to fold over the duster prongs. Then I crocheted using single crochet a rectangle that was as long as the prongs. I folded over and crocheted the long sides together then crocheted loops on each side.

If you do this you may need to adjust.
I used an I hook.

Chain 13
Row 1: Skip one chain and single crochet 12 stitches, chain 1
Row 2-20: repeat row 1

Fold together length wise and crochet the long sides together with single crochet.

At the end of the row chain1 and turn work.
Single crochet in first stitch, chain 10, and single crochet in same stitch.
Repeat for each chain.
You will end up with 20 loops on one long side. Finish off and cut yarn.
Repeat for the other long side.

Insert prongs into the sleeve.


This looks great! These have been on my to do list as well. I’ve made the swiffer floor mop covers before already just gotta make the time…

Thanks for showing how you worked it up!

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The color makes cleaning more fun! So cheery!


What a good idea! I could never get the replacements to stay on and it seemed the fray part always bunched up on me! Thanks for sharing your pattern as well!

Plus, as you said, it is easily popped off and washed to save waste…a little bit of endust sprayed on it might attract more dust as well…

Nice job!


Great entry! Love the idea and pattern :heart:

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This is great! Thanks for the pattern!

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How cool is this?!?

What a brilliant idea! It turned out great. And what a great way to use up odds & ends yarn. Well done!

Awesome little project! I love that you were able to use up stash, and that you wrote a tutorial for us!!!

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Hug our planet, gg! and if you’re going to clean, clean with something happy!!



Yay for you for upcycling!
And for sharing your pattern.

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