Cross Stitch bookmark

My grandmother taught me to cross stitch when I was 12. I did a few projects here and there in my early teens, but I hadn’t done cross-stitch since I left Brazil in 1997.

I had picked up a few supplies here and there hoping to someday do something with them… and never did.

Well, some day has come.

I didn’t feel like bothering with a predetermined pattern, so i just made this up as I went along.

Not too bad for winging it after almost 30 years of not touching the stuff lol

This cloth was awful and it was really hard to see the proper holes, as there were slightly smaller holes made by the criss-cross of the fibres, so the crosses didn’t come out even, and it was a major pain. Oh well. I made something. I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

And… now I can claim the Explorer pin! Thanks Nerd Games for encouraging me to use up my stash lol. I’ll make a post in that thread later.


Congrats on completing it, and on earning your Explorer pin!


It’s always good to pick up a craft you haven’t touched in years and years! This fabric is indeed not the easiest to work with, but your first attempt this century ended with a finish, and you designed the pattern yourself. So that’s great!


Did you do the stitches on the side too? Its a cute bookmatk. Congrats on the badge!

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Glad someday came for you!

The fabric you used is challenging because all the holes are there to give options of whether or not you want to do a certain count to change the size depending on the pattern.

A simple design like you did is good for your first project! You should join us in the Stitchalongs! We do embroideries and cross stitch as well a slow stitch…I think you would like it and it would be encouraging for you to continue on this journey!

Congrats on the pin!


Good for you- I have lots of “somedays” still floating around out there in the ether. Hopefully I’ll get to some of mine, too! :smile:


Congratulations on picking up an old hobby and for earning the Explorer pin!

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Thank you for your kind words, everyone!

@Immaculata thank you for saying that; I was pretty proud of doing this without a pre-determined pattern. I thought about drawing it out on graph paper, and then decided to just start stitching, and I’m glad I did, or I likely wouldn’t have finished it before year’s end, lol… too many chances to “get it wrong” if I decided the pattern first :joy:

@gozer, No, this was actually sold as a bookmark, and came with a really complicated and detailed pattern I never intended to use; the goal was always to do my own thing with it. It came with the borders already stitched as part of the “bookmark look”. I only embroidered the coloured parts.

Thanks for the invite to the stitchalong, @AIMR. I’m not sure how much cross-stitching/stiching in general I’ll be doing. It was OK and a bit relaxing, but I enjoy paper art more, and unfortunately at the moment, with 3 homeschooled kids and work of various types on the side, I don’t have time for all the artyet. hopefully some day! But I think I’ll check out the stitchalongs regardless. I want to check out more of the “alongs” this year anyway :heart:

@Bunny1kenobi good luck with the “somedays”! I think I want to try to get to all my “somedays” by the end of the year (or maybe by the end of November). And if I don’t, maybe it’s time for me to let them go… we shall see!


That is what I love about this site…you can participate as much or little as you can or want. We all lead such different lives, and no one judges you or bugs you in anyway (unless you ask for it…ha ha ha).

You have a lot on your plate…it is just nice seeing you squeeze in projects that involve your activities or your kids and maybe, here and there, something just for you!