Cross Stitch Valentines! 💛

Since everyone is now posting their Valentine’s I thought I’d get in on the action! I made these for the Handmade Valentine Card Exchange this year. I think everyone has received these with the possible exception of @Edel so I’ll blur hers in case she hasn’t gotten it yet! :slight_smile:

These were a delight to make for sure. I LOVED all the patterns and it was hard to choose which ones to make in the end. I love Valentine’s puns and combine that with cross stitch…well, I was pleased as punch. :blush:

The patterns all came from and issue of Cross Stitcher or Cross Stitch Crazy. I can’t remember at the moment but if you really want or need me to dig up which one, lemme know!

As for construction…I made the cards out of scrapbook paper, I had cut out an opening on each to peek the cross stitch through. I used re-positionable double sided tape (which I hope held up in the mail) so that way people could easily deconstruct the card and use the little cross stitch for something if they wished. (Please do!)

Alrighty…here we go: the cards!

This one was oh-so-cute. We Bee-Long Together!

This one was my favorite. It made me giggle.

You’re Totally Pawsome!

Another favorite…You had me at Aloe!

This one went to @edel which is why it’s blurred in case she hasn’t gotten it yet. Another favorite. So many cutie little mushrooms.

And for a bonus, I had made a digital scrapbook page of the cards I had made if you guys wanna take a peek of the paper ones as well. :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness! What wondrous Valentine’s!


Beautiful cards…and really fun, too! You did a great job in the exchange!


Beautiful and funny!


I haven’t gotten it yet, but the ones you’ve sent and fabulous! I can’t wait!


I can’t believe you cross-stitched individual cards for people! That is going above and beyond! These are exquisite!


They are great! Love the puns.


Wowza! You want the extra mile! The cross stitched are fantastic. I am so slow it its. That would have taken me until next Valentines to make!


These are all so wonderful!

These are lovely!

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That’s why I only went with 5 cards to begin with. It wasn’t too bad though. I’m a pretty quick cross stitcher. Took me about a week to get all the cross stitching done. :slight_smile: They were fun, little designs to do.

Cross stitching! So extra! They are all really lovely.

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So pretty and cheerful! I love the scrapbook papers you chose, and of course your meticulous stitch work.

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The fungi one is cracking me up.

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“You had me at aloe” pppfffttt, funny! :smile:
Those are really special.

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There were so many good puns! I had a hard time narrowing it down to these five designs. Maybe I’ll make more for next year. :thinking::laughing:

So cute! I love the wee bees.