Crumbs - What do you do with them?

The Kidlets and DH like Doritos, and after pouring their servings from the bag into bowls, there is usually a decent amount of orange crumbs at the bottom of the bag. I save this for coating chicken or to garnish macaroni and cheese.

Recently I learned about using bread crumbs for keeping pie crusts from becoming soggy.
Dutch apple pie recipes, crust, tips! This got me thinking about pot pies, and about crumbs at the bottom of preseasoned salad crouton bags. I’d like to try the crouton crumbs for my next pot pie experiment. Hopefully the seasoning won’t be overpowering since the amount of crumbs would be miniscule.

What bits do you save for future recipes?

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I never thought about saving the crumbs but maybe I should for casseroles or even for toppings on salads.

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Salads, egg dishes … endless possibilities now that I give it some thought.

Does anyone save the crumbs/sugar from cereal boxes? I’m certain that there are a kajillion uses for Fruity Pebbles type sprinklings but cannot think of anything that wouldn’t get soggy. Vanilla pudding might turn rather festive with some dried cereal crumb swirls.

Cereal crumbs are great in cookies and on top of cobblers.

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Recently, edel used the term “crumbs” to refer to very small pieces of fabric, she considers dross and chucks.

crumbs? so i was coming here to say…SEND THEM TO ME!!!

however, you’re talking about FOOD crumbs. which i should have known as that’s the way i have used the term.

I just eats the crumbs! nom nom nom but this is a great question to find out how to use them!

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I pour them straight into my mouth!!!