Cryptozoological Swap Gallery

I can’t access Lettuce Craft at work, so I’m a bit behind in looking at the gallery. We’ve had some great new additions!

@artsycandice I mentioned it in the swap thread you created for your hoop, but I love the fact that you used the multicolored background. It just adds a whole extra layer of whimsy.

And speaking of layers, @JoyfulClover that hoop that you made is AMAZING! Those layers are fantastic. I love all of the fabrics you picked and it looks so perfectly stitched. I’m in awe!!!

What a fun project from @momiemae ! Those geodes are neat! I don’t blame you for scooping them up when you can find them!


I received from @EriChanHime!

It’s a wonderful colorful amabie (Japanese cryptid that’s said to help cure disease in times of epidemics), and even has its name there in gold thread! I love all the colorful scales. :slight_smile: This will go so well with my growing collection of hoops! I’m still trying to decide if I want to scatter them all around my new apartment or make a single large hoop wall…

She also sent a selection of really cute Japanese paper accessories and stickers! I’m sure those will come in handy for ATCs and things! XD

Thanks so much!! <3


I have heard of that creature before! I like the way the scales are done. It almost looks like chainmail armor on it.


Wow, that is so cool @EriChanHime!! I love how you did the scales :grinning:


Great stitching as usual from @EriChanHime! The tinting is fabulous as well!


Since we all love swaps here. I thought I would make sure no one misses any discussions on the next round.


@EriChanHime Nice work with that gold thread, metallic floss always looks super challenging! I love the scales too! They remind me a bit of Eric Carle’s rainbow fish. Love it!


I got this awesome package from Gozer
I love everything so much, I cant wait to start Journaling with all my new goodies. The art is so well done, and exactly my style. The rose has a jackalope on the back and the jackalope has the rose on the back😊
She customized for tracking my orders and added some 30 day challenge cards. These will help me with my poor organization skills. Thank you so much @gozer

Ps the card was done by @Bunny1kenobi


Those are beautiful! I love that some of the pages are also useful to you in organizing!

The mermaids are so adorable!

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Ack!! My heart! Those mermaids are adorable! I love how they extend beyond the frame.

And the jackalopes are so pretty! I love all of them!


I received from @MightyMitochondria a package full of stitchy, scappy, aquatic goodness!

A felt Loch Ness Monster, ready to float away in her lake:

Check out all these embroidery stitch samples. Made in all the BEST colors:

A fantastic multi-media kraken pin (resin? and fabric). I’m going to wear this on a knit shawl, for sure:

and finally, a 3D fabric Nessie in MM’s signature scrappy style:

Epic, right? She even treated the base with layers of paint to age it:

Look at those little flippers! They are edged beautifully. And all the wee bits of frayed fabric. So swoon worthy! Scrappy Sisters, Unite! :fist:

Thank you so much for being such an amazing partner, @MightyMitochondria, and for gifting such a glorious cryptid package!

:four_leaf_clover: \m/ :shamrock:


I just fell off my chair from all that scrappy goodness! Not really, but WOW!! So much work in those stitchy pieces. :star_struck:


Wow! Love the Nessies! And the kraken- I think it’s awesome!


Hooray! I’m so glad it all arrived safely. The kraken was among a collection of cabochons I received from @kittykill in the box of whimsies swap. I just added rhe silk to the edge and put a pin on the back.

The scrappy Nessie was made to be a faux taxidermy companion to the jackalope I made @JoyfulClover in a previous swap. I’m not sure how successful it turned out to be, but I sent it anyway.

I love crafting for @JoyfulClover. We get each other’s style. I always feel free to follow my inspiration and go wild. :blue_heart:


I love what you did with that cabonchon!


My heart was not ready for your words. I feel the same. You’re amazeballs. These little Nessies are such a joy to hold in my hands. I could not stop fiddling with them.

AR! Our Scrappy Trio is complete! There really is so much lushy goodness, right?


My goodness @MightyMitochondria, that looks like a TON of work. The felt Nessie is my favorite. It’s so pretty, and I agree, the colors are perfect! All those details are killing me!


That is a gorgeous package!! Two Nessies!! How fun!


Those pieces are fantastic @MightyMitochondria! texture! colour! fabulousness! :heart:


I am just in awe of the amount of beautiful stitching you do @MightyMitochondria …and then to add scrappy to the mix…sigh…agree that you and @JoyfulClover are a great match…

Everything in this gallery has been surprisingly imaginative!