Round 7 Swap Idea Thread

The masses have spoke! Let’s talk about another round of swapping!

Idea thread: June 22nd-June 30th
Voting: July 1st-July 7th
Swapping begins July 8th

If you want to host a swap, in your post please use this template:
Name of Swap:
Swap Organizer:
Swap Requirements:
Length of Swap:
This will help us when we set up a poll for voting.

If you don’t want to host a swap, but want to suggests one, please, in big bold letters include SUGGESTION at the top of the post.



Swaps I’d LOVE to join but don’t have the bandwidth to host right now:

  • TM patches
  • hoopla
  • Pokémon

Yasss hoopla!


Hoopla!!! Absolutely

Craft my drink - kind of like the old coffee/tea/cocoa but could encompass summertime drinks easy. Send a non alcoholic drink and crafted accessory
12 days of Christmas - doesn’t have to be as big as the originals but getting a head start would be nice! - maybe 12 gifts instead of the whopper 78 but I’d be up for the 78 lol I’m crazy like that
Contain my craft - crafting something to help one organize their craft like a bag for WIPs, a floss holder, cool pencil case etc

I’d happily cohost but I have never hosted a swap on this forum so not sure all the rules of the road so need like a swapping mentor!


It might be too early, but I don’t care.

Name of Swap: Vintage Halloween
Swap Organizer: kittykill
Swap Requirements: 1 medium, extras if partner wants
Length of Swap: I would probably start this toward the end of July and have all of August to craft. Send outs the beginning of September.


I would co-host a craft my drink with you.

Craft my pet (stuff for or about pets)
I Want Candy (sweets themed swap -cakes, candy…)
Hello Fall (Fall themed swap)
Halloween miniature swap


Sounds good to me if people are interested in the swap!!! I’d have a great teacher!


Name of Swap: Mug Rug Swap
Swap Organizer: Abbeeroad (1st time on this site!)
Swap Requirements: 1 mug rug (no extras)
Length of Swap: ~1 month crafting time


Ooooh, would be very into mug rug swap! :slight_smile:


That would be a swap I would join…they are small enough not to be pricey for international friends as well!

I also love the idea of Halloween and Christmas swaps starting early enough to plan for any postal delays!


I’d be into joining 12 days of Xmas and contain my craft sounds right up my alley!


Halloween is good year-round in my book. :slight_smile:


I’d be down to participate in the Halloween and Christmas ones. Those are pretty much the only holidays this family celebrates. :jack_o_lantern: :christmas_tree:


Will there be another round of swaps closer to Christmas? I had fun hosting the ongoing Ornament swap, but it seems way too early for that.


I believe so, probably around September/October.


I want candy, that could be dangerous but sounds delicious!

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I would join a masterboard swap or a craft with your masterboards swap :sweat_smile:

Another 4"x6" art swap

I enjoy the swaps where different crafty types can swap with each other…Like I could make paper crafted things and then I’d receive something knit or sewn…

Maybe an ongoing OTT (One Tiny Thing)?


I love the idea of a drinks swap, but maybe instead of having to send a drink, there could be the option to send a recipe. Because the drink component will likely exclude international mailing.

I’m also completely down with 12 days of Christmas and vintage Halloween and all the swaps because I’m going to be able to start getting my craft room together next week.

Yay yay and thrice yay

Swap suggestions

50s Flamingo mingle swap craft something inspired by 50s cheesy summer vibes, including flamingos. Think 5Os style, cocktails on the lawn, Palm springs, ice cream colours,

Or a 50s swap, the whole design aesthetic including space rockets. Jetsons, Starbursts, black cats (and flamingos)

Make and fill a purse/pouch


Name of Swap: One Tiny Thing Secret Pal
Swap Organizer: loves2experiment
Swap Requirements: 1 crafted item (absolutely no extras, please)
Length of Swap: ~ 1 month of crafting time

It’s a OTT swap, secret style!

  • finished item should be 4" x 4" or smaller and represent your best work
  • pick an alias for use in the swap (to keep things interesting ;))
  • get to know your secret pal through their posts, pinterest likes, etc.
  • all questions for your secret pal can be routed through the swap organizer

Name of Swap: Crafty Scavenger Hunt
Swap Organizer: loves2experiment
Swap Requirements: 1 crafted item (no extras required, but you and your partner may opt to swap for more items)
Length of Swap: ~ 1 month

This is a low-stress swap where you send one crafted item, and 6 additional items from the scavenger hunt list (so a total of 7 items).
Raiding your craftspace and stashes to find items is encouraged!

  • the scavenger hunt list will be posted after the swap closes
  • list of 12 categories on scavenger hunt list; send 7 items (at least one item must be crafted by you) that match the categories on the list
  • choose to receive/send either all paper, all fabric or a combination of fabric & paper items
  • option of having up to 2 partners